Evolving from Larkin

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By Sliktor
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Watching the landscape pass by

The details either escape my attention

Or suddenly jump out

Preoccupying my mind

The branches of the patch of trees

Losing their leaves

As we hurtle past

Together, travelling forever

Time passing us all by

Just the same

Missing the details, except the few

That preoccupy our mind

Seeds that grow

Branches and roots

Reaching up and out

Down and round,

Within and about,

Connecting everything

The language of the universe

Anyone of us can understand it all

In any chosen detail

While leaves grow, and fall

The travellers go one way

And return on the same trail

But see their surroundings as if new

Because of those few details

That stood out, held on, took up space

Until our minds relented

And in doing so, we became a new place

© 2019 - 2020 Sliktor
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