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Think of a large fresh fruit, with a thick skin
the colour can be found in a sinking sunset -
Any shade from blood orange, ripening peach, or the rosy hues of fresh pomegranates

The fruit you choose should be larger than life
reminding you of a fruit stall frequented in your childhood
or an exotic fruit you only had once, on a road trip or on holiday

The fruit is full of joy, and juice.

Now think of an item you would use to take the skin off this fruit
a sharp knife, a peeler,
or some new invention that removes human agency altogether

Do not start at the edge of the fruit,
and rhythmically, scientifically,  methodically
de-skin the item
Instead, pierce the peeling instrument straight in
targeting the beautiful internal flesh
which will now rush out, covering the implement
(and if close by, fingers and clothes)

begin to turn the tool like a corkscrew
churning up the insides of the fruit
Leave the skin intact other than the initial piercing
the flesh inside breaking apart and rejoining itself
blended with the sinews of structure that had held
the fruit in shape

Once suitably blended
remove the tool and hold the fruit in one hand
crush the fruit
force the juice out of the single opening
the insides bleeding over your hands and down your arm
defying gravity
you are seeped in the old joy
burst forth now sticking to your palms and wrists,
unable to escape the juices trickling towards your elbow,
your fingers sticking together like velcro
bound by the golden (or perhaps bloodshot) liquid

Now hollowed out, empty
Drop what is left of the fruit where you stand
the husk will be collapsing in on itself
The skin is only something that was
and the fresh juice, soaking all that it has landed on
should be cleaned up
© 2019 - 2020 Sliktor
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you are seeped in the old joy

You capture "the old joy" brilliantly, wow! Beautifully done. :heart:
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thank you!