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Iron Man Mark VII chest

After making the Mark V graphic slightlyimperfectpro.deviantar… I decided to update my old Iron Man Chest Graphic slightlyimperfectpro.deviantar… . I don't feel I accurately replicated the Mark VII (7)… plate from Avengers but was very proud of the hand drawn shading and reflections. I used very little filters or PhotoShop effects, and instead used my tablet to hand draw nearly everything in this picture.
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Really impressive shading here, particularly to be done by hand
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Thanks. This was just for practice. I'm really not happy with the proportions but I took my time with the edges and 3D effects. The brushed metal effect was done by painting the reflections on and then going over them with a very small smudge brush back and forth rapidly. The rest was just trial and error till it looked right. The only place I used an actual photoshop filter was the glow effects around the Arc Reactor, and the 3D effect in the center hole around it. The rest was just airbrushing with my tablet. 

If you wanna see what I can really do when I am meticulous and take my time check out my last attempt: slightlyimperfectpro.deviantar…
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I really appreciate you taking the time to explain what you did! It's so interesting and I get the feeling it'll really help me develop my techniques as an artist (when I get the time to do more art :/) Thank you so much. I think your art is really cool.