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It's been some time since I've made some art, thanks to major depression and ADHD. But happily, I am on medication for the depression, and hoping to unleash my creativity again.
20,000+ watch messages, and I can't delete stacks... I see dA hasn't gotten any better while I've been gone. That goes double for the state of the stock folders... 

I've been gone for a while, so I have some messages to catch up on! I've just been spending my time with the baby bear and Skyrim, loving the stress- and drama-free time! :love:
I feel like doing a feature! :D (Big Grin) For this one, I am going to focus on a genre that I've always loved: Landscapes.

I Ching 29 - Kan (The Abysmal Water) by annewipf  Dearest Darling by DriPoint  Ode to  The Moon by MachiavelliCroEodharius by Pyrogas-Artworks

The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range by MoodyBlue The Marsh watcher by RoadioArts 
The Citadel by FictionChick
Rest In Peace by EnchantedWhispersArt The storm by dilarosa
Trough The Space and Time by Marchut Barren by Emerald-Depths The Islander by ErikShoemaker
Secret Village by 0-Maryo-0 Wizard's Domain by Wyrmheart
... I've decided I don't need to leave this journal up. I needed to get something off of my chest, but I might have made some people feel like I was upset with them. My opinion on the Daily Deviation groups hasn't changed - I've realized that I don't particularly agree with the concept. I think we as individuals should go out into the galleries and start making suggestions. In this type of group, if you get declined, what happens if you do get a DD on the work you submitted? You're sitting there knowing that there are people out there who do not believe it deserved the DD. That has to suck.

I respect the decision by the admins of those group - this has never been me mad about being declined. I was railing against the lack of feedback, which is silly since I know the challenges admins deal with. I still don't like it, and that's an opinion to which I am entitled, but I can (and should) also act on that opinion. I've left those groups (with zero hard feelings!), because they just don't make sense for me.

I know some of the admins are my watchers, and I sincerely hope I didn't offend any of you with the previous content of this journal. It was not aimed at any person, but at the situation. I have to once again express gratitude to ParadisiacPicture for taking time to explain his decision, and for not being offended. :hug: Seriously, that meant a lot.

I'm going to challenge myself to suggesting a minimum number a week - to be decided, based on how demanding my infant is :lmao: - I know it can be scary going into the newer stuff in the galleries (unless you like those body morphing works or celebrity tags or all that other stuff), but I want to see more unknown artists getting the attention they deserve! :D
So, I am going to try to catch up with messages here and on my stock account...

... where I got a Daily Deviation! :D

Blizzard 2 by obsession-stock

Go check it out and use it if you find it useful and inspiring! :love:
Premium membership is almost up! I knew I should have hit up their last deal :shakefist: Hope they have another one during the holiday season!

FictionChick, you're too sweet! :love: My next work is dedicated to you! :heart:
Some of my older works are being updated with versions that aren't destructively dark - so many were nearly impossible to discern details.
So, it seems like my stock so far has been well-received. Only one use so far, but I am hoping that will change.

Should I keep uploading stock to this account? Should I open a dedicated stock account? Or should I just stop with the stock?

What say you?


I went ahead and opened a new account for stock :D You can find me at obsession-stock!
Just came across a photomanipulation that clearly uses non-legitimate model stock - BUT 17 GROUPS HAVE ACCEPTED IT. Now, I am guessing that part of that is automatic submissions, but I am beginning to see the absolute value in reviewing every single submission (not that I didn't already appreciate it from my group admin experience). Credits that link back to a blog (well, not even the blog, but to the preview image of the stock photo used) should be a huge clue that the stock is not legitimate or obtained by legitimate means.

All I can do is :facepalm:
I've noticed that there are some prominent stock providers who offer unrestricted stock, yet put restrictions on its usage. For example, no premades.

So, my question is this: is it truly unrestricted in that case? What do you think?
This might seem silly, but I have to thank the stock providers who offer .PSD and PNG files, and include a preview of their original photo! For example, YBsilon-Stock and TinaLouiseUk. Illegitimate stock is never going to go away, as long as the attitude of "it's free game if found online" exists, so it's an immense pleasure to use stock knowing that it's safe! :phew:

I love the stock community (seriously miss being a part of it) and thank each and every one of you for being so damn generous! :love:
  Crop by slight-art-obsession

I finally got a chance to work in Photoshop, but the catch is I have to do it one-handed! Little one doesn't like to sleep any where else :facepalm: But I loves her :love:

This will likely be the only picture of my daughter that I ever post here on dA - too many people abuse copyrights, not to mention the perverts out there...
I might actually make some new artwork... I hope!
Update April 27

I just wanted to thank you everyone who commented on the original post! You guys really made me feel warm and fuzzy :love: :aww: I kinda got distracted again and forgot to come back!

Original post

So, way back in December, I mentioned that I was working on a collaboration and hoped to have a WIP to share with my dA friends... Well, here it is:

Baby-girl by slight-art-obsession

My husband and I are expecting a baby girl this July! She would be why I've been so distracted lately :D But she will also be inspiration for some new works, since her room will need some art. I am super excited and cannot wait to meet her (especially since it's still so surreal and it hasn't quite hit me yet)!

And yes, she's sucking her thumb :aww:
I really hate trying to find new stock on this site... getting really tired of bare ass cheeks (honestly, how much use will most artists get out of a chick's hands giving herself a wedgie?) and character sketch commissions taking over the Popular 1 Month :smoking: I know, it's been a crappy situation for a long time now, but damn it, it shouldn't be that way! People complain that certain stock models get used over and over (and over and over...) again, but let's face it, it's safer to go to known quality stockers, than to try to wade the muck that the general Stock galleries have become.
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I've been mostly enjoying my time away from dA, just focusing on life and family, but I do miss making new works and seeing what others are coming up with!

I have also been working on a collaboration and hope to update with a WIP!
Halloween Pumpkin, Evil Laugh So, I am curious: what or who are you going to be on Halloween? Halloween Pumpkin, Evil Laugh

Vampire, Game of Thrones character, superhero (or supervillain), your own original character design?

Let me know! I'd love to see ideas from people putting their costume together from scratch (although not necessarily sewing or crafting the individual pieces)! Frankenstein :la:
I think I liked the old symbols better :confused:
"No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist." Salvador Dali