Official stance on use of my works (updated 11/8)

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First off:

General rule:

I don't really care if you repost/reblog my works on sites OTHER THAN DEVIANTART i.e. tumblr, twitter, etc so long as:
1. You do NOT claim ownership/that you drew/created it
2. You do NOT make money off it (i.e. print out onto a cup or something and sell it.)
3. You do NOT use it for a commercial product (i.e Playmats)
4. When possible, to please credit/give source

In addition: If you trace, or color one of my works, it's ok as long as you link to the original picture/credit me.

If you use my works as part of an AMV or something, I'd love to see the end result ^^
I appreciate it that you ask for my permission, it really does mean a lot and shows that people out there still care.

And this is the final rule, I cannot stress this enough:
I only have the authority to report pictures of mine that were stolen. If you find the work of another artist, please contact the artist themselves, not me. Do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT go reporting artists on deviantART that you "think" stole from pixiv without making sure that it is not ACTUALLY the pixiv artist trying to start a deviantART page. This has become a rising issue within the community.

From FAQ #572: What does DeviantArt consider "Fan Art" to be?
"Unacceptable submissions may feature screenshots, official artwork from a video game, scans from an art book, a photograph of a famous person, or similar items but in every case the source material is considered the legal property of another artist. In many cases these 'seed images' are manipulated, colored over, blended with other images, and otherwise digitally worked over.

Due to the fact that these pieces contain the works used without legal license we must prohibit their submission here. These unacceptable pieces will be removed as they come to the attention of the administration."

How to prevent your art from falling victim to thieves:
1. If you can save as a .png . Certain web browsers prevent browsers from saving/copying this type of file.
2. Place a watermark NOT in any corner, but rather over a part of the leg, arm, etc. If you can have it diagonally rather than straight across it is better-(It is nice to have the mark at about %50 opacity so as to not mess with the oeverall composition of your work)
3. Keep the original LARGE file on your harddrive- upload only a smaller version with a watermark to the internet- (example is change the DPI to 72 or less to make printing out very difficult/poor quality. You can do this by "change image size" and change the dpi. Remember it may shrink the pixels of your image, so be sure to check that!)
4. Photoshop has a feature that you can place a "hidden" watermark on the file- this is under file> image info (or something like that- I have to check to be sure) but in this menu you can add- "copyrighted" or whatnot and link to your website and say "do not use without permission" or something
© 2009 - 2021 slifertheskydragon
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Dogman15's avatar
DeviantArt lets you add watermarks to submissions though, don't they?
Syranna9584's avatar
Thank you! My best friend has had several pieces of her own stolen so i will definitely show her your journal!
pearldrake999's avatar
Still, isn't using other people's characters considered a breach of intellectual copyright infringment?
slifertheskydragon's avatar
if you say, drew mickey mouse and put it on a shirt, yeah

there's a certain exception to fanart though
pearldrake999's avatar
I don't know if there is permission, more like why would you want to chase a legal case that comes down to nothing more than flattery. However, reproducing characters to put on posters, shirts and selling them, even if drawn by your own hand is pretty much illegal as far as I know.
DaughterOfMaat's avatar
Hmmm...Does using screen shots from anime then combined them to form a picture considered to be 'art thief'??? Even if one never claimed 'copyright', like just saying, those pictures belonged to their original artists...:?

Thanks for the info...
slifertheskydragon's avatar
yes, because screenshots from a tv show, no matter how manipulated is still using material from a copyrighted material
DaughterOfMaat's avatar
EmmaBlueEyes's avatar
Bloody art thieves, it seems like when you get rid of some, they come back with vengeance. Its really not fair to amazing artists such as yourselves.

DA needs to take this much more seriously.
Starlitnight1's avatar
Copy and paste needs to Die XD
Haha no matter what i always give credit and i usually do it in bold or ALL CAPS :P
moonymonster's avatar
Most of my artwork is actually photographs of me cosplaying, which people seem to like and sometimes download. Do you think I should watermark them?
slifertheskydragon's avatar
put maybe your username in the lower right corner- it's what most of the cosplay photographers do...
moonymonster's avatar
Shall do. Thanks~!
SilentSilverSnow's avatar
Wow never really figured that out thank you lolz!
And I understand how your art would fall to thieves...I mean it's beautiful! But yea it sucks... ^^
DooR-TO-DarKnesS's avatar
I will say I save a couple of you pic on my PSP but nothing more I use a couple for it's wall paper
Particularlyme's avatar
Hmm...well there goes my online shop idea.

(I seriously kid)
Lyn-San's avatar
What about the wallpapers? >.> People could use those for other sites...
I love your wallpapers btw. Using the Danny Phantom one right now.x3 <3
slifertheskydragon's avatar
the wallpapers are fine as long as you link BACK to the original site...

currently the dmoc armor one is being used on a wallpaper site with NO CREDIT but the user has been banned so i can't tell him to link back... orz
Lyn-San's avatar
D: Least they caught the person. I'm using it as my desktop wallpaper so I hope that's ok.xD;; I don't know which one to choose next as I love them all!
SirTobas's avatar
Never heard about that function in photoshop...
Thanks Slifer!
NewArtist19's avatar
Nooo! Art stealing suxxors! I can't believe it happened to you again =(

Once I start drawing again, I shall have to tryout the watermark thing.
Jaannoskaasu's avatar
Ha, I've seen this journal before (Looooong time ago, when I was under =Supersaiyanbatman)

But I can't put my finger on what you've added/updated :confused:

slifertheskydragon's avatar
lol it's mainly i moved one thing to another category and added the "DA is not photobucket"

also like use in AMV... that's been popping up recently
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