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For past examples: slifertheskydragon.deviantart.…

:star: Commissions! :star:

Only 8.5x11" and smaller are available online atm.
11x17 may be available in the future.

Pricing: (per character, additional characters are generally 75% of first character cost)

Sketch -
Pencil ($10, mailed to you (optional))
Digital Sketch ($8)

Lineart -
Pen ($15-20, mailed to you (optional))
Digital ($18-25)

Colored -
Traditional (copics) ($25+, mailed to you (optional))
Digital ($30+, 8.5x11" print mailed to you (optional))

Manga/comic commissions -
(not accepting at this time)

Character design sheets -
(ask if interested)

The process is:
- negotiate the picture wanted
- work out a price
- I draw a rough sketch of it first (unless you commission a sketch)
- payment is sent (Paypal preferred)
- I finish the work
- The lineart/actual work (if traditional) can be sent to you IRL
- Digital works are posted on DA unless otherwise noted. (you must tell me if you do not want it on DA)

Will draw:
- any series, character (references needed as nessicary)
- shonen-ai
- OCs (I prefer these actually. If you have references that helps.)
- monsters
- Character designs
- any and all other stuff not in the "won't draw" section

Won't draw:
- Hentai
- Yuri
- anything i'm not comfortable with

(new) Yugioh Mat designs: (THIS IS ONLY THE DESIGN**) $10-$45

I can ONLY use images I'VE drawn/ you/I have PERMISSION to use.
** Hyoma, the matmaker I work with, offers to print out any design you bring to him for $35+S&H This would be on TOP of my commission fee.

examples: yugioh 5ds Stardust Dragon by slifertheskydragon +Dark Magician of Chaos+ by slifertheskydragon - Slifer the Sky Dragon - by slifertheskydragon + Black Rose Witch + by slifertheskydragon Yusei Fudo : CLEAR MIND v.3 by slifertheskydragon
If you want your commission turned into a REAL MAT

For a mat that I actually buy a blank mat, draw your commission on it, then ship it to you (meaning you get not only the commission but a REAL LIFE MAT) this will range from $45-$120 (including the commission, cost of mat, but does NOT include shipping and handling (out of local area) If you go to a regional or event near me and i go too i can give it to you there. ) depending on complexity
example: collab- my yugioh 5Ds playmat by slifertheskydragon it is a playmat by slifertheskydragon Playmat of Despair by slifertheskydragon
(more here slifertheskydragon.deviantart.… and slifertheskydragon.deviantart.… )

progress: slifertheskydragon.deviantart.…
© 2010 - 2021 slifertheskydragon
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Hello. Are you still doing commissions?
Alexandritea's avatar
i wish you took dA :points:s xD
i can't buy it with real money D:
slifertheskydragon's avatar
i can probably take points for chibis
Alexandritea's avatar
Okay : >
how much would i be for those? : >
slifertheskydragon's avatar
um... idk I have to think about it, lol i never took points for things before
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Hey Slifer I was woundering if you too could draw me up something for my b'day?
It's on the 6th of September, and could you also use my real first name :please: :please:
My first name is: Annaliese,
if you could so me that then I would feel honored.

In the picture could include me with Danny Phantom Rebirth + Demon Atem and various other of your drawing, at some kind of party.
Oh, and i will send you a picture of myself to you personally, if that's okay.
Can't wait
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So you'll send me a print?

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I was wondering would you be keen to do a Yugioh Mat design for me and also how much would this design cost? (both digitally and traditionally so I can get an idea of price)
I would love it to have Dark Necrofear as the main monster in the middle with Garlandolf, King of Destruction just behind her (but not hiding) on her right and Demise, King of Armageddon on the other side. Then perched on Garlandolf's and Demise's outside shoulders just two little Ritual Ravens. The background could be just like Demise's background on his card (Like a deep dark blue with slightly lighter blue flames coming off the monsters)
I could draw a sketch if that would help you :P

Here are links to the images of the 4 cards:
Demise: [link]
Garlandolf: [link]
Necrofear: [link]
Raven: [link]

(I understand this is a very detailed request... Sorry :| )
slifertheskydragon's avatar
you want me to draw all the monsters out and not use the konami stock art, right?
ellehcore's avatar
yes of course! :) otherwise i could just photoshop it and get sued all on my own haha
slifertheskydragon's avatar
lolterrible xDDD

I can do $120 for either digital or traditional my only problem is for traditional i don't think I can do card zones... the disadvantage of digital is you have to find someone to print out, I know someone who will do it for $35 i think...
ellehcore's avatar
yeah I have already emailed a couple of local people about it :)

could you give me the link for your friend who prints them out?

and also is it $120 if it is digital?? I know the traditional mats range from $45 to $120 (and this is a very detailed request so i expected it to be on the higher end haha) but what about just the digital image? :)
slifertheskydragon's avatar
this is the gent I am working with [link]

but i realized his mats are actually 2 inches shorter than a "standard" yugi-mat... OTL
ellehcore's avatar
hmmm but he accepts cards too! haha too bad I just sold my
T.G. Wonder Magician Ultimate Rare the other day haha I sold her for $20 :3
ellehcore's avatar
Also I would like card zones like this: [link]
Like behind the characters and shaded a little darker... For the traditional I understand if the shading would be hard so just grey boxes would be fine with traditional :P
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hey me again.
i would like you to draw my OC again in this Armor [link] while he is hovering, three Soul Swords(Your choices) are hovering behind his back, acting like wings like this [link] and in both hands he has the Dual Version of Pazoo sword form [link] the sword lenght is that of a normal sword
any good?
slifertheskydragon's avatar
like black and white last time?
slifertheskydragon's avatar
well actually is $32 ok for this? did you want a somewhat complicated bg? :<
slifertheskydragon's avatar
terribly sorry to be inconvenient, but can you note me with all the details? this way i don't lose it >>;;

we can continue discussion in there too
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id like to get a commision for a mat design. of blue eyes and buster blader fighting kinda like [link]
except less awful and without notes ^^. also i was wondering if you could draw it with the zones behind the characters kinda like
Thanks ^^
slifertheskydragon's avatar
you mean digital or traditonal?
GiantTwinky's avatar
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