1mil Kiriban winners!!! (thank you everyone!!!)

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congrats to the top ten!
These were the first ten to send me screencaps
of how close they got to the kiriban ^^
(note, next time EVERYONE NOTE ME.



it's hard to look through comments... T_T):

:iconblackkyuubirasengan: 1,000,000 DS Jack Dark Signer Jack Atlas by slifertheskydragon
:iconagrotera-thanatos: 999,999 Giratina Origin Forme Giratina Origin Forme by slifertheskydragon
:iconelementalheroshadow2: 1,000,001 elementalheroshadow2.deviantar… summoning elementalheroshadow2.deviantar… with a slifer-esque dueldisk on. Slifer Incarnate by slifertheskydragon
:iconkyo-kuriboh: 1,000,003 Rua as Paradox w/ SIN Power Tool Dragon SIN Power Tool Dragon by slifertheskydragon
:iconarcatsk: 1,000,004 bloody battle wounded demon atemu :thumb243780469:
:iconsue-axel: 1,000,005 Ryou Bakura and Thief Bakura (non-yaoi) Kiriban 1,000,005 Thief + Ryou by slifertheskydragon
:iconasjjohnson: 1,000,006 Kaiba vs. Pegasus rematch my.deviantart.com/notes/#1_0/2… :thumb243788420:
:icont-kitty: 1,000,007 Demon Atemu lookin badass xD :thumb243793529:
:iconlazella: 1,000,016 Yami Yugi Final form (Capsule Monsters) :thumb243806633:
:iconex-shadow: 1,000,037 RDA and Stardust doing the waltz Kirban RDA+Stardust doin Waltz by slifertheskydragon

thank you everyone who attended!!!

To celebrate the 1,000,000th pageview
At the suggestion of a friend
I am holding an online party!


You're Invited!

You are hereby invited to a party celebrating the 1,000,000th pageview on slifertheskydragon.deviantart.… on a live Skype chat/livestream!
(suggested by a friend)

Start: Saturday, August 28th, 2010 at 12:00(noon), PST
End: Up to you guys, lol.

Go to www.livestream.com/osirisred (if that doesn't work go to www.livestream.com/old/osirisr… ) to just watch the fun and chat ^^

What: Crack, a look back at the last 6 years slifer's been on deviantART and a look into the future! Also, 5d's dub xD You can also see what slifer looks like IRL! D: Make me your drawing bitch! (* gasp * )

So come and join the fun! D:

RSVP HERE: slifertheskydragon.deviantart.…

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Stance on use of my fanarts: slifertheskydragon.deviantart.…
Danny Phantom: Rebirth working on it. nuff said.
I am working on uploading DP:R in individual pages to dannyphantomr.smackjeeves.com/

Yugioh : DotD (Duelists of the Dark) Pages 1-78 have the "name" (full page sketch) done, Pages 1-3 are done, pages 4-8 are inked. This fancomic will NOT begin upload until at least the first whole chapter is complete.

Commissions: Open slifertheskydragon.deviantart.…
Trades: closed
Requests: CLOSED

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I assume you don't do Kiribans anymore?