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Utopia the Lightning vs Crystal Wing Dragon

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commissioned by Jason, Utopia the Lightning vs Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon 

non watermarked (save for URL) wallpaper version for patreons 

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You know what,I'm a big fan of utopia well I love it!!!!!!!

How I can get that wallpaper

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Badass picture :D
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would you ever make this a mat?
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Since you're taking commissions, can you draw Kaiba and a feamle version of Atem slow dancing?
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Yuma:"All right Utopia, attack Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. Rising Sun Lighting Slash!"

Yugo:"I don't think so, stop him Crystal Wing. Crystal Cataclysmic Strike!"
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Crystal Wing's effect can't activate in response to Utopia the Lightning's effect. Utopia the Lighting prevents you from activating the effect of anything when it battles (except: monsters that are immune to other card effects while on the field).
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Rest in peace Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon (Shining Victories - Invasion: Vengeance). You were a great Synchro monster, probably one of the best.
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Crystal wing show these xyz scum hows boss.
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Except for the fact that he'll be dead and you'll take 2000 damage along with that.
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Alright then i thought i ended this converstion a week ago but ok thanks for the comment anyway.:-)
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A brilliant fight! Nice one!
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Unfortunately this would be a fight Utopia the Lightning wins. Due to Utopia's effect, Crystal Wing won't be able to activate its effect that would increase its ATK by Utopia's 5000 (for 8000 total) nor negate the activation of its effect.
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Crystal Wing's attack wouldn't go up anyway because Utopia isn't a level 5 or higher monster.
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Read my comment again. I never said anything about Crystal Wing winning the battle.
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I know, but you said the reason it couldn't gain attack was because of utopia's effect. It's not. It can't gain the attack because Utopia isn't a level 5 or higher monster, it's a rank 5.
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I probably worded that wrong (haven't bothered reading my original comment again to know everything I said). I meant to say it wouldn't be able to negate the activation of Utopia the Lightning's effect.

Now if Crystal Wing was like Star Eater and was unaffected by other card effects when it battled, that would be a different story.
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Yeah, but if Crystal Wing had that effect too, it's likely be even MORE insanely expensive than it already is. Heh.
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