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New print for BABScon, was originally trying to finish after the S4 finale T_T

Hey guys! 
Anne and I will be at BABSCon this weekend (4th-6th) table #B4 in Artist Alley! I have 3 new prints and should have some new playmats for card players and will be taking sketch, lineart, and colored commissions! Be sure to stop by to say hi and watch me draw :u Super excited for the con and new season omg


tools: copics/photoshop
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It's great and beautiful :D
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Now... I shall unleash the power of the RUBBER CHICKEN!
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Quite interesting...
I love the general pic, and yet I find Twilight kinda odd... It might be nothing, but I can´t help noticing it. Oh well! The rest of characters look perfect, however. Discord´s serpent position is excellent, by the way.
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NO NO NO Luna needs to be in the middle and ace work love it apart from twilight being in the middle
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there on version of the avengers
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This is stunning
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Ooh, very nice work! Great composition :D
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Wonderful work.

Maybe the five with work together in the season 5 finale.

Umm.... too soon.
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Beautiful! ^,^
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My first thought was, 'Discord kinda looks like a Ouroboros here'.

Which then made me think of the ouroboros symbol in fma, which includes a six pointed star in the middle. And, I cannot unsee this now. Celestia-Luna-Cadence form one triangle, and Twilight(f you go wing to wing and then join down at the tail) is the second. Boom, six pointed star. (though, if a six pointed star like symbol IS supposed to be hidden in their placement it's probably meant to symbolize her cutie mark, but I couldn't help but think that right off the bat xD)

Aaaand I totally noticed after writing this that all the 'keys'were in there(I first noticed Boneless, then spotted the others).
I would love this picture if it was Twilight's friends instead of Discord.
But this doesn't change the fact that it IS very beautiful.
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I'll be sure to stop by and say hi!
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Gotta love that Crimson Dragon Discord :U
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this is so epic ... i dont even know how to describe this ^^
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