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King Sombra

edit: thanks for the features EQD! o7 [link] [link]

I've learned from the episode while he didn't have a "backstory"/"development" he still wasn't a bad villain, since he was able to corrupt everyone and make some really freaky nightmare doors o.o

tools: painttool sai, photoshop, wacom bamboo pen

wallpaper ver:

NOT for commercial use!
OK to repost (off-site) as long as credited/linked back
OK to use for non-commercial use (i.e. PMV, song graphics) but ASK permission first
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Holy cow, that's some talent my dude.WWE - Shocked/Wow 
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Hello.. It's time to see something EPIC.....
Well true to my word,Highfive fella (Reactions)  I posted up the You-tube video..
Here's the…
Be prepared to see your artworkDa Vinci Fella (Artists)  in actionKunai Action .
Good vs Evil the Eternal BattleGood And Evil between 
the cruel King SombraKing Sombra Icon 1  vs Spike Emote Spike the Brave and Fearless!
Blood shall run red! Blood 
Powers :powerup: shall collideAtori Power Up + Cannon , 
until one has been defeated!Sawboss Emoticon 002 !
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he has an backstory in the book or comic book seris
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Wow, i like it, that remember me Street fighter 4
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I've always wondered what it was that pissed his Highness off.
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Awesome work! I love the way how Sombra looks like he's going to rage right at you. Now all this needs is a 3D effect...hmm...
awesome pic. EPIC! could i use it for my musik background?
i would credit you of coure.
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sure, i'd love to hear when you are done?
sry but you comes a little bit late. found already a picture, but i can use it for one in the future. if you want. :)
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totally up to you, i don't mind as long as you link back/show me xD
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AWESOME! tell me if this song fits him. [link]
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is the best thing what I see in all day, its super awesome
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"I'm coming at you, Bro!" I figured he would have had a heavy Spanish accent.
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nope just the mighty need for a cough drop
He proved to me that theres not just "nice" unicorn spells in the series world. Now I can think up a proper backstory for my Unicorn OC. (No Name Yet)
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i think it's been established that the magic twilight and the others typically use is "good magic" but that there is also "dark magic" (most likely fueled by negative emotions)
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WHY COULDN'T THIS CHARACTER GET MORE LOVE. COME ON HASBRO!! This is the first Protagonist that MLP has had that isn't either an alicorn of some sort or something else along the line of a mythical creature. Just a unicorn of darkness. A pure badass and he got NO FREAKING LOVE DX I love all the villains of MLP period but he is my favorite..
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