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Flutterbat's hoard

Widescreen wallpaper sized!

First time drawing Flutterbat ahaha oh man you guys think she'll come back?

I have a few of these designs available on Redbubble:…

Sorry I keep asking but...

If you guys could, please help vote 5 on my entries into WLF's t-shirt contests! (If you don't have an acct it's really easy to make one!)

Luna - Nightmare Moon…

Arcane Princesses:…


Thanks for looking and voting!

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matmax426's avatar
Cute :D
More apples for this lovely lady please :D 
Phenometron's avatar
She loves apples. <3
R-J-S-KING's avatar
hmmmm Scratch Head 

mlp have been doing a lot of call backs lately 

and she did still have those fangs at the end of the episode

so maybe she might just come back  Squee Bounce 
Cookiesncream99's avatar
She wants all those apples...
NicolasDominique's avatar
Om nom nom.

Nicely done xd
DeJiKo07's avatar
This is so awesome!
cajobif's avatar
"Screeech!!!!! (translation): Get your own apples! They're mine!!!!"

Wonderful work on that pose
VeroNightshade's avatar
That's damn good, Slifer!
juankmlo's avatar
DeadCobra's avatar
Very lovely Meow :3 I am a dummy! 
Hyuuga-hime's avatar
I love her new cutie mark!
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
She's still a lovely gal
TatterTotMinion's avatar
I would take an apple but i dont want to lose a finger lol
Black-Wren's avatar
I love how she's hoarding the apples.  She looks great!
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