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Dark Danny V Danny Phantom

Part 2 of a 3 part art series, this is Dark Danny (Danny's evil future self) vs Danny Phantom, his present, nice-hero self...


It's like this series is future self vs. past self theme.

mediums: copics and colored pencils

Batman Beyond v. Batman [link]
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Bloody good work
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Dang! Good work!
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Damn this is awesome.
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Holy crap this is amazing work!!
C00kiesarecool's avatar
I almost forgot about this show!!!
great drawing though!! :3
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Hmm if Danny Phantom does come back(since the creator said the series is in hibernation) hopefully Dan might come back.

But if the series does come back I doubt the epic ness will be the same I mean look at Fairly Odd parents
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Yeah, but Fairly Odd Parents has been running non stop since '01; the writers are running out of ideas (hence the expanded cast). Danny Phantom's decade off has given the creators a decade to come up with NEW material.
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This piece is beautiful. I went into the zoomed-in mode to see the details better, and oh my god is it amazing. I almost Clockwork's Medallion the first time around. 
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That is awesome Danny's greatest enemy, himself. Can you picture a better moment?
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My god I cant tell you how fast I fell in love with this! Its somthing that should be on a comic book cover!! Wish I had a poster of this!!
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Omergod, i love it :love:
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I've been seeing your art way before I made this account and you've been inspiring me ever since I stumbled upon you! Keep at whatever you may be doing currently! :)
Dark Danny and DP done so very well :)
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Oh shock I luv Danny. This is awesome!
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So cool! I loved this two part episode!
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Yes. Just.. yes. :iconthumbsupplz:  -punches the "fave" button!-
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I've always liked Dan, he's evil but amazing.  
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AHHH that EPISODE. i… just… let me stare at this wall for a while 
Dan vs. Danny was so awesome!
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