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Babscon Room Signage Wallpaper!


Widescreen wallpaper sized!

Artwork for the Hall of the Royal Sisters, CMC Adventures, Trixie's Tables, and Button's Arcade for Babscon!

It was really cool to see my art on giant boards around the con!

Button Wallpaper:
Trixie Wallpaper:

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I really like it! <3
jyroman53's avatar
Windspeed8's avatar
Whao Yugi as a pony
Wildlordzero's avatar
Nope, its Trixie cosplayng as yugi.
Windspeed8's avatar
darn, still awesome
Rainbow-Smashed's avatar
I get total Phoenix Wright vibes from Celestia and Luna. Somehow I think Luna would be the better objector.
Artention's avatar
Guthixoftehjudges's avatar
Trixie suits that mane style, AM I RIGHT?!
I like the one with Luna and Celestia. I can't find it in your gallery though.
slifertheskydragon's avatar
oh it was only for the sign, it was actually supposed to be like…
Phenometron's avatar
What an incredibly wicked poster!
MrAsianhappydude's avatar
IT'S TIME TO DUEL! I challenge you to a children's card game!
"Marick acepts isn't that right bakura"
superZorthax's avatar
Nothing about Button? Come on guys....
WolfRaid's avatar
"The Great and Powerful Trixie challenges you to a children's card game!"
Couldn't resist. XD
GenjiLim's avatar
Thanks for making these awesome art pieces for BABSCon! :D
Sir-Tristan's avatar
I love the detail of the Millennium Amulet, that's a nice touch to combine it like that :D
kingofraggedy's avatar
Haha, so it was you who made those posters! I found myself just staring at the Button's Arcade poster, cause of how great it was. 
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
Whoo Hoo! awesome wallpaper!
I like what trixie is cosplaying! awesome!!!
Dogman15's avatar
I can't believe I didn't recognize that art as yours when I saw it! Great job!
slifertheskydragon's avatar
I don't think I have a consistent pony style yet haha thanks!
Dogman15's avatar
But now that I know it's yours, I can definitely see hints of a consistent style.
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