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Trying to make it through life, hoping to love my work one day and do creative stuff

Trying out this streaming thing, check me out on my twitch (slifertheskydragon) and saved recordings on my youtube (demonatemu)

If you want to help support, i'm usually open for commissions, feel free to message otherwise anything helps via my patreon

Favourite Movies
A.I. Artificial Intelligience, August Rush, Grave of the Fireflies, Eternal Summer
Favourite TV Shows
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

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General Updates/How to support by slifertheskydragon, journal

Sorry been going through a lot over the last year+ but trying to get back into it, i'm more active on other social media so apologies if i don't reply to your note/message for a long time! In general: It is OK to use my art for (with credit) Youtube videos, thumbnails, etc. Either credit in the comment/description or in your video It is NOT OK to use my art for: Anything commercial (i.e. you make $ off of it) Anything AI Anything you print en masse (i.e. card sleeves, etc) My Etsy Shop is open again! Use code "REOPENING10OFF" to get 10% off everything, all items are also FINAL RUN so I will NOT be reprinting them. I'm also not planning any Artist Alleys through mid 2024 so if you wanna help support please check it out!
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Hi everyone sorry for the lack of updates, its been really rough the last 2+ years but i'm taking time to catch up and also sort everything out I'm trying to clean up my, well everything so i'm clearing out some old art and my artist alley things. Please check out my etsy! If you've been a fan of my deviantart for a while you'll see i've posted the art originals (meaning the actual traditional work I drew, unique and one of a kind) in bundles on my shop as well! I'm running two giveaways on fb/twitter for the occasion as well! If you wanted to commission me and still haven't received an update please let me know if you'd like to continue
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Sorry for the lack of updates, a lot has been going on in life etc. If you are commissioning me i'll be reaching out soon to see if you're still interested, sorry again for the delay!!! Gonna host my first FFXIV art party tomorrow for my birthday come by even if you don't play i'll be streaming and doing art giveaway there! : October 20th, (tomorrow) : 1-5pm PST DC: Primal / Hyperion : Goblet , Ward 6 - Wing 1 Room#11 hashtags on twitter: #CardArtParty#PrimalArtParty
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Happy Birthday ^^

Happy Early Birthday

Hello, can you plz check your correspondence inbox? I’m trying to submit your stuff to my group (

yo we got the same birthday that's wild

happy birthday Slifer 🥳🥳

Happy Birthday ^^

Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎊🎉🎁

Peanut looking cute with my Little Bear