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These will continue to be updated.

EDIT: 2/13/12 - Went back to fix the info in a (hopefully) nice orderly fashion. And added a couple of things.


Status: Sorry, but I currently do NOT draw requests.


:star:Art Trades:star:

Status: Currently Closed

I have two main rules when it comes to setting up an art trade. The person must be qualified for at least one of them.

1) I will only draw with friends. These are the people I've gotten to know over the years (usually through online chatting).
2) I will only draw with artists with a good amount of artistic experience. I believe this is self-explanatory.



Status: Currently Closed


:bulletblue: b/w sketch - a simple pencil sketch (shading optional) - $20


:bulletblue: b/w inked - clean, inked line art (shading optional) - $25


:bulletblue: prisma pencil- a pic colored primarily with prisma pencils - $65


:bulletblue: markers - a pic colored with copics and/or prismas, or a combination of pencil and markers - $70


:bulletred: Adding extra people into the drawing - $1 each

:star:Artisan Crafts:star:

:bulletyellow: Keychains or Charms - approximately 2" - 4", laminated, single-sided only, colored either in markers or pencils (your choice) - $2.00 each, 3 for $5.00


:bulletyellow: Single-sided Bookmarks - around 2.5" x 5.5" with lamination, decorated on one side, colored either in markers and/or pencils (your choice) - $3.00 each; buy three, get the fourth one free


:bulletyellow: Double-sided Bookmarks - around 2.5" x 5.5" with lamination, decorated front and back, colored either in markers and/or pencils (your choice) - $6.00 each; buy three, get the fourth one free


:bulletred: Adding a keychain ring/phone charm strap/"tassel" charm strap (bookmarks) - $0.50 extra


Here's the list of things to know about my artwork and about me as an artist. This stuff applies to art trades and/or commissions.

:bulletblack: One art trade or commission per person ONLY. If you want to set up another art trade or commission with me, please wait until the current one you already have is completed.

:bulletblack: I have the right to refuse to do an art trade or commission for any reason, and not have to state my reasons for refusal.

:bulletblack: By setting up an art trade with or commissioning me, you have agreed that I have the creative freedom to draw your character(s) in any way that I like. I will allow you to give me a general idea on what you'd like the character(s) to do, but the rest will be up to me. And please, make sure you tell me EVERYTHING before I start on a drawing. It's very frustrating when I'm halfway done and you decide to change something at the last minute. If that happens, well, sorry. You take what you get, and you'll have to wait for the next opportunity to add everything you want.

:bulletblack: I draw everything in my own style. So, if you want an official character drawn, I will draw the characters in my style, and not its official style. Although I love viewing realistic works of others, it's not something I'm comfortable with when it comes to my own works. There may be some cases that I may do some (very) simplified realism, but don't expect me to go like "Alex Ross" style. (Sample)

:bulletblack: My biggest strengths are Sonic/Anthro/Rockman (Megaman) type art, but I will still draw what you ask of me.

:bulletblack: I'm not good at detailed backgrounds, though I'm pretty decent with nature like backgrounds. I can probably do some kind of cropped background style that doesn't fill up the whole page. (Sample)

:bulletblack: I'm not that experienced in machines and vehicles yet.

:bulletblack: I prefer that you ask for your own characters to be drawn. I will not draw the original characters of others unless it's for a gift for someone else, or if I'm good friends with you.

:bulletblack: I will not do any porn, hentai, yaoi, yuri, and things I find offensive. Shonen-ai and Shoujo-ai is okay,  though in general, I'm not that great with anything romantic.

:bulletblack: I will not do redos, unless it's my decision to do one.  

:bulletblack: I will not do prints.

:bulletblack: Please don't bother me about when the art trade or commission will be done. Remember that I do have a life outside of drawing, and I'll get them done as soon as I can. If the commission has a deadline, please let me know ahead of time, so I can make those commissions a top priority to get them done quickly.

And when it comes to commissions

:bulletgreen: I have the right to post commissions of my own liking, so not everyone's commissions will be posted in my gallery. You're welcome to post the commissioned drawings into your own galleries (permission not required) since you paid for it and you're free to do what you like with it (as long as its for personal use).

:bulletgreen: These drawings are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You're not allowed to sell these images for your own profit, or lie to people that you drew it.  

:bulletgreen: Although this hasn't happened yet, I will not be responsible for any lost/damaged mail. As soon as I send the pic to you, it's out of my hands. Please do not blame me for anything that happens to your pic caused by your postal services.

What I ask of you

:bulletpurple: If you want me to draw an official character from an existing series, please provide references, as well as what game they're from and who owns them so I'll know who to credit the character to.

:bulletpurple: If you want me to draw an original character, you either give me a detailed description, or show me a drawing either you, or another person has done, the latter MUCH preferred. Sprite renditions are UNACCEPTABLE, and will be ignored. If you do not have a picture, and feel that you are not good enough to draw it yourself, then I'll accept the description, but be as detailed as possible. The more detailed, the more accurate the drawing will be (Hopefully, I doubt you'll have to do descriptions, because this IS an art place after all).


:bulletorange: You guys can pay in either by check, money order, well-hidden cash, and Paypal. I ask that you send me the payment first before I start on the picture. Once you send me the money, that's it. I put my best effort on this drawings. I can show you the sketches and make any corrections before I finalize it, but once I make all corrections, there's no going back. There are NO refunds. The ONLY time a refund is acceptable is when I'M doing the refunding, if there is a reason I'd feel I'd be unable to complete the commission.

:bulletred: If you are using PayPal for payment, send the money as a personal purchase rather than a goods/services purchase so you don't have to pay the extra fee. My paypal email is the same email below.

:bulletred: There will be an extra fee for the shipping. Currently, priority mail is $5.15 (this may continue to change) regardless of the envelope size, but International shipping is obviously more expensive. It may vary depending on the country, so if you commission me and you live outside of the U.S., I will calculate on what the shipping price is and let you know what the total commission price is.

If you are interested, please E-MAIL ME. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME NOTES. Please email me at, with the title "Commissions." In the email, give me your name (both real and online name), the figure(s) you want me to draw, and how you want the drawing to be done.
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