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Old Barn Star Trails

Just practising more star trails photos. Had my camera set on continuous this time so no gaps inbetween exposures for the stars. Trying to find interesting things around Edmonton, but I just have to get farther away from the city. Going to the mountains soon to get away from light pollution :)

Would really like to do some light painting and star trail photos around an old abandoned car/truck. If anyone can point me into the right direction it would be much appreciated.
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simply perfect
I can´t stop faving your shots :D
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No one is forcing you to stop :)
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awsome think its great
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Amazing photo. I love it:)
With what light did you lit the barn?
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I think that was just an LED Maglite if I remember correctly
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hehe thats so sick and simple. Genious though:)
Again well done man:)
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This is one of the most noise free trails I've found, I wonder what the settings you used were and what the ambient temperature was. Been trying to do trails myself for a while now and each time I encounter a new problem such as foggy lens to much humidity in the air, light pollution, hot pixels to much noise even though only ISO 400 and what not. I've read a lot of tutorials now but somehow I never found something reasonable to get rid to the problems. ;)

Btw. did you light up the foreground yourself, possibly a double blend of the foreground and sky?
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I think it was relatively cool outside as this was shot in spring. That orange you see is actually light polution from Edmonton. Thought it worked out though. I use a program called "startrails" to stack my images, I believe it's a german made program, you should be able to find it online. It works really well to remove noise in the sky, because after the stars are blended, a black frame is used to replace anything not bright in the sky part of the photo. And yes, it is a blend.
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I featured this in my journal.
for random reasons...
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Cool thanks, what are those random reasons haha.
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it was a recent fave, it is is two good enough?
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Haha, for sure, thanks! :)
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good work great colour
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no worrys buddy!
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awesome - I actually thought it was some digital art at the first look
love the way the star trials come out :)
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I saw a piture almost exactly like this in the paper the other day, the colour of the sky and the little hut and all.
but it was by someone in australia..
anyway, very cool!
I didnt know you could do that.
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