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i comment too much
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I trade llamas, host the Sclerias group, and sometimes upload other stuff.
Always Return Llamas by KillboxGraphics Fancy Llama Club by easydisplayname
I don't really mind getting "thanks for llama" comments, but would prefer if you just gave one back instead of leaving a comment. Thanks!

Art Info:
Before September of 2018, my digital medium is GIMP 2. After that, I mostly use Firealpaca.
For traditional art, I mostly just use mechanical pencil & sketchbook or printer paper. I scan it in with an Epson Perfection V39 scanner; afterwards I use Gimp to make the lines bolder.
Most of my digital art, especially in the Gimp days, was originally drawn in pencil and then traced/redrawn digitally.

About me, if you care:
Screen name, Skall; Female, Teen, Online schooled, Introverted.
Liberal, Lgbtq+, tad furry, EST timezone.
Don't play games too often, mostly just Roblox and Minecraft on occasion. More of a youtube person.
Huge animal lover, including 'creepy crawlies'. Bit of a fangirl for some games.
Hobbies include worldbuilding, drawing, casual gaming, pets, and roleplaying.
Looking for friends, hmu on here or on Discord if you want to chat/play games :)

Discord Tag: Skall(#6815)


[BoaS Pg.1] From zero...
Sorry, file size totally messed up. You should be able to zoom in and read it comfortably now.

*deep inhale*

Finally! At long last! It's finally here!!! good god this took me forever

Behold! The Comic™ in all its glory
I plan to change the format at least a little in the next page, like making it shorter in length, maybe neatening up the background's splotchy shape (i'll pass it off as a "stylistic choice" for this one h a), getting higher resolution and changing the word bubbles' colors to fit better. bUTFORNOW. IT'SFECKINGDONE. And i don't wanna touch this feckin page like. ever again i've gotten so sick of it this past couple weeks or however long I've been working on it.

Anyway enough complaining about the length and stuff.
If you have any comments, complaints, or critiques by all means please comment below, I'd love to hear any feedback of what people like and dislike about what I'm doing so I can improve, and just talking to people about art in general.

these bois are precious and anyone who disagrees can go sit in the corner and think about how wrong they are

Characters: Oak & Snow, both adult toms. Their mates (Hawk and Sparrow respectively) are briefly mentioned as well and will make an appearance in the future.

whatt?? noo i didn't dump all the exposition on this page i would  n e v e r  d o  t h a t  >^>
h a

Born Of A Spirit: Page 1

First: You're here!
Previous: [-none-]
Next: [not drawn yet]
note to self: never handwrite comic dialogue ever again
if anyone's wondering why the comic's taking forever
Why I Can't Get Anything Done, Basically by SlickClaw
that's why
ya boi's a tabby now
Heavily reconsidered Oak's design. Male calico cats are super rare on their own, and only about one in 3,000 male calicos are fertile; and he was planned to be a fertile male calico. Sooooo yeah, I like a rare cat every now and then but this is a bit much. I'm not going to really limit myself for the sake of genetics, but I want it to have some level of realism.
Changing his design in this pic was more inconvenient than I would have liked (some weird file stuff went down when i originally made it, but it's mostly gud now), but it's done. I wouldn't have updated this pic if it weren't for the fact that this was a panel in the comic and having a character switch from brown tabby to bright calico for a single frame wouldn't fit at all.
The change of his design actually flowed better than I expected it to, though. For the sake of heritage, I needed one of the parents to be a calico and one of the parents to be a tabby, so I just swapped his design with his mate. Well, his mate's not going to look exactly the same, she'll probably be a darker, more splotchy varient of his original pattern, but you get the point. Also, I had imagined Oak as a brown tabby for the longest time, so now his actual design fits my visualization :)
Also Snow stands out so much now that Oak is practically camo lol. I guess it would fit Oak being the hunter of the group!

Aaaanyway that's that i guess, hope you like his new design

Also RIP vibrantlypastel, who drew him with his old pattern for an art trade... no need to change it or anything, just thought it was kinda funny (especially considering how long she spent on coloring him). Sorry bout that, pas. ^^;
i technically wasn't tagged but i'm doin it anyway, herewego
(Just for a bit of context, I write mostly as a little hobby when I'm bored or want to vent my ideas and concepts into words/stories. I don't do it super regularly or often, though it has been growing on me lately; and with the comic project it's bound to become a regular activity)

1. Tell us about your WIP!
The one I'm sharing publicly, Born of a Spirit. It's technically a comic but whatever it's still a story
I'm also working on a HTTYD fan-story-thing, and another few short stories based on a worldbuilding project with me and a friend (Skyworlds). I don't really share em online but if people care to see em i probably wouldn't mind posting finished products

2. Where is your favorite place to write?
Considering that it's all on the computer... at the computer. It's where I draw the comic, plan out the timeline, write short stories, etc. If I had the option to take it with me wherever, it would probably be the opposite; whenever I don't have access to a computer, as a secondary entertainment thingy.

3. What is your favorite/least favorite part about writing?
Favorite: Describing the characters and their scenery, and writing casual dialogue
Least Favorite: Trying to get readers emotional. It's rewarding when I can do it well, but really frustrating when I can't because I feel like the intensity of whatever the moment is would be lost.

4. Do you have any writing habits/rituals?
Lol "rituals". I don't really, I often listen to music though. HTTYD soundtrack mostly because it's just... *fangirling continues*.

5.  What things (scenes/topics/character types) are you most comfortable writing?
I like casual conversation/dialogue. It's just lighthearted, especially in comparison to all the times I take it from 1 to 10 very quickly in short scenes/stories, it's relaxing because what I'm writing doesn't need to have much of an impact as later scenes. I will tell ya though, they're a lot less interesting to draw!

6. Favorite character you’ve written?
That's tricky... A good amount of my writing includes other people's characters, and my own aren't quite as developed in comparison, mostly in Skyworlds. I have written a few characters in unrelated stories that are near-sociopaths, and idk I kinda enjoy the coldness and emptiness of characters like that. It's kinda creepy, but my lowkey-edgy self likes creepy stuff so-

7. How do you cope with writer’s block?
I don't, really. That'll probably change the more consistently I have to post stories, but for now I feel like it's best not to work on something if I don't have motivation or excitement for it. It'd drain the life from the story, and I just wouldn't be enjoying myself, and what's the point of having a hobby if it feels like a chore?

8. Do you have any writing buddies or critique partners?
Depends on what I'm working on. I often read my stories to friends and family for feedback and just to share my work if I'm proud of it, though not with everything. I work with my friend PeriwinklePB on alot of Skyworlds stories, though it's usually with her characters and character arcs, lol.

9. How do you deal with self-doubt when writing?
I don't doubt my writing very much, when I do it's usually just me ignoring it and continuing, or I just stop writing for a bit. Like I said, if I'm not enjoying myself, I'm not gonna keep going on something that's an optional hobby.

10. What does it take for you to be ready to write a book? (i.e. do you research? outline? make a playlist or Pinterest board? wing it?)
I often feel like i need to have a world outlined so I know all the rules before I write. Unfortunitely, this means I do alot of worldbuilding rather than actual writing with fully made-up stories like Skyworlds, though it also means I find it alot easier to start writing if there's already an established world, like in a movie or book series, hence why I have some stories of Warriors and HTTYD and whatnot.

11. What are you planning to work on next?
I... don't really know? In terms of the Warriors comic, probably a sequel or prequel to Born of a Spirit (i planned Rise of Mistclan to be a small series of sorts), and though I haven't really worked out a plot for further sequels and stuff, I think that'll make it more fun to go through the creative process again with each new comic. I hope it all works out.
As for the other short stories... whatever comes to mind, basically. As far as text goes, i usually keep it to individual scenes of a page or two, and write them whenever I have the idea, inspiration, and/or motivation. 

I'm sure alot of these answers will change in time, maybe I'll come back to this tag if I'm still writing at mysterious-point-in-future to see how things change. But there, in case you care about my thoughts on writing as of now, there ya have it.
im not really sure how to end this journal
uh bye i guess lol



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