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The Manor - The Flash version.



This is the pony game The Manor.  originally made by:… and which can be found here:…

I originally made this back in December 2 days after they released the web version.  and gave it to him to post as he saw fit(and he seemed quite excited at the time).  however it's been 3 months, I've never seen it got posted, and I just remembered it. 

if anyone would like to suggest some good background music to drop in, i still have the orignal source files, so i can drop it in quickly.

hope you enjoy it=-)

if you find a bug, just drop it in the comments.

I'm currently working on another pony game, a web based mud. so stay tuned for that at some point.

edit: alright folks, i've added background music:… which is from luigi's mansion.  i've fixed a few linking problems(not 100% sure if i got all of them, but telescope and Trixie reading the book with twilight+cape is fixed).

Lastly, i've added a Go Back button when you hit a gameover, but this will stack against you as 3 deaths to use, rather than 1 if you start over.

Highest score thus far: with 920, screenshot your score if you can take the top spot!

enjoy the game=-)

edit2: added volume slider for music.

edit3: fixed a couple linking problems, fixed music double-playing, and now Trixie's hat and cap can be legitimately found! =-) good luck in the search!
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I know this is years old but this question has bugged me ever since I first started playing it in 2014

what exactly does the key do? I know the necklace fixes the transformation and the crystal prevents you from getting cut, but I can’t think of what the key exactly does