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February 15, 2012
Head Over Heels by *Sliceofcake This whole piece is edible, yes, even the shoes!
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Suggested by Talty
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Head Over Heels

Shoe box cake with fondant heels.

Gumpaste flowers by ~Purplepugz :iconpurplepugz:
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Jan 17, 2012, 11:09:49 AM
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hey, you should try out for Next Great Baker!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you win you get $100,000 or something like that! (In US dollars)
you should search it on YouTube!
Sliceofcake's avatar
I would if they ever did an asian edition...
jojama's avatar
I wonder if it's yummy :heart:
jvel4073's avatar
She Loves These Shoes?
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Daaang howd you make this like how long did it take?!!? and what type of fondant do you use just out of curiosity?
Because I always just use regular fondant you buy at Michaels but im trying butter cream fondant by 'duff' for the first you know if its any good(taste wise and flexibility wise)?
I am sorry I ask so many questions but till I have a car to even get to some type of school for cake decorating im stuck teaching myself.
(plus i took the Wilton classes at Michaels)
Sliceofcake's avatar
This took about 3 days to build. I use a brand of fondant called Felchlin from Switzerland. I've never heard of buttercream fondant... or michaels... I'm not based in the US lol...
Alielove19's avatar
OH wow your in a different country :) NICE although fondant is a European thing correct?
And ok Butter cream fondant actually taste pretty good(for fondant) its like 19.99 for a container but it seems to work very well. Its pliable but only thing that made me mad, was when I tried to thin it out so I can put it on a cake it starts to fall apart.
There is a show that I used to see on tv called 'ace the cakes' and the guy named Duff on there has his own line of decorating items including his fondant.

Michaels is an arts and crafts store for people who have hobbies, no lives, or just likes to be artistic in there own ways. There is on the left side of my store your scrapbooking, jelwery making, soap/candle making, wood and cheep paint.
Middle is flowers, wedding decorations, invites, etc and what we call the 'forest' because of all the silk greenery.
Right is cake decorating <3, decorations for your house, fine arts stuff and yarn stuff.
Sliceofcake's avatar
Thanks for the explanations. :)

I don't understand what you mean by fondant being a European thing though? It's used all over the world for years and years... Americans just like putting it on TV... :p
Alielove19's avatar
oh..i thought it originated in Europe first then we became interested and so did everyone else xD
and yes we do like it on tv..
like cake boss man!!

AND if you eveer im America go to a Michaels seriously..sometimes they have cool stuff.
AlykatEesha's avatar
It looks like something that would be on "Cake Boss"!
Great job!
Ra1nDanc3r's avatar
woooooooooooooowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is amazing! i thought it was real!
Corpse-Queen's avatar
Beautiful detail and clean work. Definitely one of the most realistic shoe/box cakes I have seen! Great work.
xXSJcRoWnEdXx's avatar
Steffauri516's avatar
that is so fucking bad ass. At first I thought it was a photo of real objects!
TheHappyPinkEmo's avatar
Omg. Too fucking awesome!
auraming96's avatar
:D is it really edible!!!???
you-with-the-face's avatar
That's cake????

can I have some?
NinaNoir's avatar
:XD:...awesomeee artwork...
baffledBITS's avatar
If I had such an awesome cake I don't think I'd be able to eat it *0*
hazza01's avatar
HOLY ....:iconhnngplz: THIS IS SO AWESOME!!
GIVE IT HERE SO I CAN EAT IT SRSLY!!! uuuurrrrrFFFFF:iconffffplz:
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