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Sometimes the simplest and most boring of ideas can turn into a really special cake.

I can't say I was terribly excited when a customer wanted to order a cake in the shape of a cardboard box... Yet when I actually got down to seriously studying the box, I found that there was indeed a whole wealth of detail that could be captured in my cake.

Reality is imperfect. To capture realism is to create deliberate imperfections. This cake taught me that.
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I've had it with the "payment revision needed" shit. I may have to write a program which will change the words from "payment revision needed" to "payment revision blocked". Once the payment revision is blocked, I may never see the annoying "payment revision needed" error message anymore.
jhonminus's avatar
Amazon is so procured about its packaging.
PigTrotter's avatar
This is such an awesome idea! :D
Leopardheart16's avatar
Atticus-Morwing's avatar
Clicked on due to interested, faved due to amazing detail but most importantly, the description.
kenlybop's avatar
this is awesome! what a cute idea!
Sadlillyfly's avatar
it look so...BOX LIEK :D
ruschell's avatar
So it.
dannie's avatar
LOL I love this, and amazon :P
Corpse-Queen's avatar
Great work! If I hadn't seen this cake in a culinary album I would have thought it was a real box! Lovely detail :)
Suomenlinna's avatar
Yeah, my thoughts exactly. ^^
Spudnuts's avatar
Very Cool! Haha, I looked at it and thought, "Hmm, I wonder why someone put a picture of a box on deviantartOHWAITTHAT'SACAKE!" So awesome!
Talty's avatar
Hi! I wanted to let you know that this has been featured in the article The Love for Food, which shows some of the best examples of food art. Keep up the good work! :D
johnlewisbrooks's avatar
..."KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK...special delivery"


his just made me laugh good!
Candistache's avatar
This is absolutely magnificent!
I never expected to be amazed by a cake in the shape of a simple box!
I've seen a few box cakes before, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with the way they looked
Thanks to you, I know what is it now! And I hope I remember that when I advance in the world of baking~ >w<
Imbricated's avatar
The wet-and-sticky "tape" part of this is my favorite, I think... though the entirety of the delivery box details is just wonderful. I love your comment about imperfections and reality, as well, because it is just so true. Love this.
ryujin2490's avatar
does that chocolate come with another cake inside? :D nom nom nom
Lynxiegirl18's avatar
I really like this one and I do agree 100 percent about imperfections, no box is gonna look perfect when arriving to it's destination. Loved the tape looking effect as well. I can't really critique about anything else cause I don't have the first clue about making food art. But I will say that I would have got a kick out seeing some packing peanuts. Hehe.
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dustybeijing's avatar
Looks incredible, and I have to wonder, what does this type of cake taste like??
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