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Alice In Wonderland

The complete set of Alice In Wonderland cupcakes!

Clockwise from top:
- A Mad Tea-Party
- The Red Rose Tree
- Eat Me
- The Mad Hatter
- Drink Me
- I'm Late!
- The Mushroom
- The Queen's Croquet-Ground

- The Cheshire's Grin
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I thought it was amazing. The colors are well balanced and the themes for each cupcake are well thought out. The patterns on the fondant are so cute. I love how you represented some of the characters through the decorations on the cupcakes. my first suggestion is that you only do the smile for the cat or just the stripes. The reasons for this is because with the amount you did for the others is just something that represents them, while on the cat you did his face. My second suggestion is that you use diffrent cutters for the edges of the fondant bottoms. Over all through it is all toghether a master piece.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
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First off I want to say that this is one of the best displays of craftsmanship with fondant I have seen! They really function together as a set, and I like how they all tie together. The two green cupcakes really knock my socks off! I'm happy this was inspired not only by the movie, but the books as well. Your color pallet is excellent, and the reoccurring flowers were a nice touch.
One of the only things I could be knit picky about is the cheshire cat cupcake. He seems just a tad flat and unrelated to the group. (Mind you, this is me really stretching to find something wrong.) I would have liked to see some of the more three dimensional aspects like in the other cupcakes. Also he seems a little disjointed because all the other cupcakes have the ruffle edges. Alone he's a wonderful work, but I don't feel he's adding a lot to the entire set.
Anyways, wonder, excellent, astounding, amazing! You are a real gift to DA!
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A-MAZING, this is so cool. It looks like it was made by the girl that makes nerdy nummies.i want to make super cool cupcakes like these. So cool!
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Wow, these are awesome. I want these at my next birthday :D
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Omg those are cute!!!!
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omg how beautiful *---*
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I'm hungry now. 
These are beautiful. 
These are master cakes. 
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Swagg bro Swagg 
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Those look really good! I try to do stuff like that but I am not a really good baker or decorator so it ends up looking really bad. :( Alice in Wonderland is my favorite movie, so I try to mimic it in designs and stuff but I haven't thought about it in cupcake design
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Fondant-topped cupcakes are awesome!! And the Alice in Wonderland theme is one of my favorites!! They look really yummy!
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I was just in the musical version at my school as Small Alice, and those cupcakes look like they're shouting "Eat me!"
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Looks like you used fondant on the cupcakes. Yes?
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these look delicious I want to eat the one with the eat me on it, the rose, and the mushrooms
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The amazing details in these cakes are fantastic!
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These look fantastic!  Too pretty to eat, and too cool not to share!  So much work and so much detail into every singe cake; it's amazing!  :+favlove:
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Wow this is awesome! Congratulations for the great work, I'm your fan! :D
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Yummy!!! :) I love it all! Now I'm starting to get a bit hungry...XD :)
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These are so cool. Thanks for sharing. Kristti~
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if i eat the one with "eat me" will i turn big?
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