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Commission-status by slicedguitars

Hi guys, thanks for checking out my commission info page. Commissions are a great way to get unique artwork, comics, and more that you can't get anywhere else.

And the cash from those commissions helps me to keep making more art/comics, etc. for everyone to enjoy whilst also paying bills, printing new books, and my favourite - getting my butt to conventions to meet some of you awesome folks!

As always, I truly appreciate your support whether you're ordering commissions, buying my books, backing my Patreon, or sharing my posts and telling your friends about my comics. All of those things make a difference to my life and even if you can only support by sharing my stuff, chatting with me on Twitter etc. that's a big deal, you guys are why I do what I do and your continued support means a lot to me.

I'm currently open for commissions from as little as £20! Details can be found below.

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Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue COMMISSION PRICES Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue

The prices listed below are intended to be a rough guide and final pricing may change slightly based on how complex your request is.
If you're unsure that something is within your budget please get in touch and we can discuss it to find the best solution for you.
Guide prices for character artwork are listed as per character unless otherwise stated.

Davy's Commission Sheet by slicedguitars

Base prices include ONE character (anything from face-only to full body depending on your request and the artists discretion)

These guide prices are an estimate only, based on average time and costs to produce the finished piece. Please be aware that as such the final pricing may differ due to complexity. A simple single colour/gradient background or shadow is included free of charge, whilst more complex backgrounds will incur an additional fee as listed above under the header “Extras”. Also in that section you may notice an additional fee for “Details” – this is specifically any props, weapons, complex tattoos, wings, or other aspect of said character that will likely increase the complexity of the piece.

These prices do not include commercial rights – if you wish to sell products, or use the commissioned artwork for branding (such as YouTube/Twitch or advertising your business) these rights can be purchased in addition to your commission – just ask!

Also available upon request; character reference sheets, convention badges, social media avatars, banners, and much more!

Other commissions that are also available:

:bulletblue: Con-Badge

Con-Badges are flat digital colour OR coloured with Copic Marker, include 1 character and your name - price doesn't include printing/shipping.
—— Waist Up (4" x 6")  = £50

:bulletblue: Art Pages
—— Character Sheet (from reference)
———— (2x full body + 2x portrait + (optional) 1x prop)  = £100
—— Character Design (from scratch)
———— (2x full body + 2x portrait + (optional) 1x prop)  = £200

:bulletblue: Comic Pages
—— Pencil = £   50
—— Inked = £   25
—— Flat Colour = £   20
—— Letter = £  10
—— Cover (Full Colour) = £100

I'm also available for commercial projects including;
:bulletblue: Logo Design from £300
:bulletblue: Web Ads Design from £200
:bulletblue: YouTube/Twitch channel art from £100
:bulletblue: Social Banner/Icon from £50
:bulletblue: Content Writing

Please get in touch for a quote!

For the curious...

The tools/software that I use for art are:

Digital: Photoshop CS3, MangaStudio 5, Wacom Cintiq 12WX.
Traditional: Pilot Color Eno 0.7 blue mechanical pencil, Indian Ink, Leonardt Shorthand Nib #40, DR drawing pens, Sharpies, and Copic Ciao markers.
Printing: I use a minimum 160gsm/300gsm paper stock. Most of my printing is via my A3: Brother MFC-5890CN or my A4: HP Photosmart B110a.

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:bulletblue: Comics
:bulletblue: LGBT/Yaoi/Yuri
:bulletblue: Character Designs
:bulletblue: Pin Ups
:bulletblue: Portraits
:bulletblue: Furry/Monsters-Girls
:bulletblue: NSFW/Erotica
:bulletblue: Original Characters/Fanart
:bulletblue: Blood/Gore/Slime


:bulletred: Adult content featuring minors (all characters must be 18+).
:bulletred: Adult content FOR minors (if you commission NSFW content you must be over 18 years old).
:bulletred: Adult content featuring abuse, or non-consensual acts.
:bulletred: Content featuring/promoting hate speech.

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Red Bullet; Blue

Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue REQUESTING A COMMISSION Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue

Please send me a Note or email ( with all of your commission information and either attachments or links to reference images. Please be as descriptive as possible as this will speed up the process.

For a rough idea of what to include:

  1. Type of commission: Sketch / Inked / Full Colour.
  2. No. of Characters.
  3. A brief description of the character(s) and scene.
  4. A reference image of you or the character.
  5. Do you need it by a certain date?
  6. Would you prefer a print/traditional version?
  7. Is there a certain style you’d like?
  8. Do you want a background?
  9. Your budget (I can’t always guarantee that I can meet this, but will give you options if I can’t).

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Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue PAYMENT Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue

I accept PayPal only at the moment. Once I receive your commission request info, I’ll contact you with the price, and once you agree I will forward a PayPal invoice with a link to use to pay.

Your slot will be reserved for THREE DAYS - if payment isn’t received by then you risk having your slot given to someone else. If that happens, you will be placed on the next available slot once payment is received. (See main page for current slot list).

Work will begin on your commission as soon as the full payment is received by me. For larger commissions it is possible to make arrangements to pay a min. 50% deposit before work starts, with the rest payable on completion.

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Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue TERMS AND CONDITIONS Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue

:bulletblue: Payments are via PayPal (see above).
:bulletblue: All rates are charged in GBP.
:bulletblue: I retain the rights to display the images in my portfolio unless otherwise agreed.
:bulletblue: The rates listed above are only rough guides and may vary based on the nature of your commission.
:bulletblue: Rates include a digital file only - if you’d like a print of your commission additional fees and shipping will apply.
:bulletblue: Rates listed above DO NOT include commercial rights unless otherwise stated - if you wish to resell/use the art on products, further fees may apply. Please ask for details.
:bulletblue: If you cancel before work starts I will give a full refund (minus a non-refundable 10% which will cover PayPal fees).
:bulletblue: If you cancel in the middle of work on the commission I will send you what has been completed, as well as deduct the fee for the amount completed from your payment, and refund the rest.
:bulletblue: Once the artwork is completed, it is non-refundable.

:bulletblue: :bulletred: :bulletblue:

PLEASE NOTE: All artwork is produced 100% digitally unless otherwise stated. Non-commercial work does not include any commercial or distribution rights. Price includes delivery of artwork via email at a print resolution unless otherwise stated - although I am willing to print/ship your finished commission to you but that would incur an additional charge to cover costs. Please contact me if you have any queries and we can work out a more tailored quote.

In addition, it should be noted that these guide prices are subject to change at any time.

:bulletblue:    :bulletred: :bulletblue:

Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue More Ways To Support angelKat! Bullet; Blue  Bullet; Blue

Become a Patreon! | Buy us a Ko-Fi! | Tip us on Twitch!

And don’t forget to follow me on Social Media to
get the latest news, chat, and share with friends!


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*All of my prints are printed on high quality 160gsm archival paper stock - almost all pieces in my deviantArt gallery are available as prints with the obvious exception of commissioned pieces. If there's one that you'd really like as a print that isn't on the store, note/email me and I'll see what I can do!

All content within my gallery is copyright to me (Davy Shirley), and angelKat Entertainment, unless otherwise mentioned within the deviation description. So please, don't steal, reproduce or use any of my work without my permission.
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