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I finally broke down & got an Instagram, @slephotography, when I got my new phone the other day.  Figure I'll mostly use it for location scouting, my pets (or other cute animals), and some BTS shoots stuff.  NO FOOD! 

I will be tossing some of them up in my Scraps folder here, especially cool abandoned or decayed locations, with GPS coordinates in case anyone else wants to see them too.

Here's the first batch.

Cemetery by slephoto     Abandoned building by slephoto     Abandoned building by slephoto     Abandoned building by slephoto

Weird bridge by slephoto
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The Adorama print fairy came! I have a big pile of new prints!  Sorry it's a crappy camphone shot of them.

They look GREAT and I'm especially delighted with the metallic prints of the plow photo (it looks like it's in 3-D!) and the outdoor nude of Darlyn, which looks like a copper engraving.  I'm thrilled with the quality.

The lily prints are for my mom & the neighbor whose garden I shot it in, the rest are all going in frames for shows.  :-D
If you want to see these better, check out this post where I show them all off.  (And of course they're all in my DA gallery.)

2013, there will be exhibitions!
Fair warning if you're one of the small group of 10 or so who watch pretty much everything I do, I have an edit bug up my butt.
I just finished 4 new images - a scenic cemetery shot, a cool abandoned house, a nifty fetish portrait, and another Maned Wolf image.  They're all going up (3 of the 4 as prints, and the Maned Wolf as stock, like the first) after I get some sleep (so early afternoon EST).
I mention this, tho, because I went thru my archives and put about 3 DOZEN images in my "get off your ass and do it" box, so there'll be several more tomorrow & it'll save you time to just wait until more hit the pile.  :)

I'll take comments in to consideration for what goes to the head... I have more erotic couples nudes, I have glamour portraits, I have art nudes, I have bondage, I have fetish, I have solo erotica, I have flowers, I have birds, I have reptiles, I have mammals, I have horror, I have abandoned buildings, I have crustaceans, I have spinning fire, and more!
So if you have a particular fave weigh in.  Fair warning, model pics take longer to edit so if you push those up it'll slow everything down.
If your work consists of glossy and technically proficient, but utterly uninspired, commercial images that could be interchanged without notice in to any mid grade magazine out there, interspersed with a few "edgy" rip-offs of Terry Richardson's lesser oeuvre, and you say things like "I hate silhouettes, they're always trash" then you prrrrrrrrrrrrrobably have NO credibility on judging whether an image qualifies as "art."  Want to snark on the technical aspects?  Go for it.  However, while the nature of what "art" "is" is largely subjective & everyone has an opinion, representing yourself as an EXPERT on that aspect of photography as a medium when clearly you have no clue about it doesn't work.  Saying "I don't like it, it's not my taste, it's technically shitty," sure, that's fair game.  But saying "It's not art" because it's something YOU don't like, and then especially saying it's not because it doesn't compare to styles that the best makers of acknowledge as not even being ATTEMPTS at art, but rather a form of craftsmanship, is simply ridiculous.

No, this isn't me being butthurt over something anyone said about my work.  This comes from an abusive "critique" some hack commercial shooter who talks like he's the main guy for Vogue but who's never been published in a big magazine and never ONCE done a juried show was levying on a friend of mine yesterday.
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Following up yesterday's entry about Footnoting.  After the behavior there he ended up going thru his "Mary Kelly" entry and hiding practically all of the comments, saying he "realized he was giving doms and abusers a platform for their propaganda."  More like he couldn't win any arguments & was simply engaging in personal attacks.  I am updating the original entry with screenshots of a last few of his remarks.

So he's followed it up today with this bit of idiocy, amusingly titled "What I have learned thus far," which apparently is "not a damn thing."
EDIT:  Some people can't stand having their own stupidity exposed.  He's deleted both this entry AND the "Mary Kelly" entry entirely.  Luckily I have a screenshot.

Let's look at his 5 main points:

1.  A strong opinion, firmly held, based upon other's own words offered in good faith, is "hate speech."
No.  Advocating for peoples' murder, either by lynch mobs you lead or by a secret state police force that acts outside the law as we know because you feel they are "deviants" who need to be punished is "hate speech."  Saying something you disagree with "should not only be declared intolerable, it should be met with extreme, excruciating, and irrevocable prejudice" (…, screenshot) is hate speech.  

A "strong opinion, firmly held" is also capable of withstanding debate without childish tantrums.  Banning people who ask you polite questions, as I did in our initial exchange, hiding posts, calling people Nazis, deleting your posts in fits of pique, etc are not signs of a strong opinion firmly held.  They're the actions of a coward and bully who knows his position has little merit.

2.  The depiction of a violent act upon a woman's body is Art; the objection to such depiction is "hate speech."
First of all, YOUR definition of a "violent act."  Many do not share it.  Second, art is subjective.  The arrogance of you placing yourself as the arbiter here is apparent in later statements.
Objecting to something you dislike isn't hate speech.  Saying those who think differently than you do should be murdered is.

3.  A weak opinion, gladly relinquished when challenged, is a sign of broad-mindedness.
Absolutely not.  But a mindless opinion based on rage and self-loathing that can't stand up to discussion not only isn't strong, it's a sign of something worse than narrow-mindedness.

4.  When the stage is constructed, the dysfunctional ego will mount it and attempt to justify its position with all manner of excuses.
You should look up the term "projection."

5.   A man may abuse a woman's body, and claim the right to do so because he has her consent.  But he denies others the right to question or condemn the act.  This is Bolshevism.  (It is said that Lenin, when asked if others had the right to question his leadership, responded that they did have that right, and that he had the right to have them shot for questioning him.)
Again, "abuse" is YOUR term.  You fall right in to a common fallacy, though, in suggesting that QUESTIONING your opinion on the topic is the same as NOT ALLOWING YOU TO HAVE IT.  NO one has said you have no right to your opinion, they've only questioned you... as noted above in the arrogance comment, the only person who's appointed himself as the arbiter of what's acceptable & called for censorship is YOU.  Hypocrite.
This is not Bolshevism.  What IS Bolshevism, and was the practice of Lenin, is falsely associating your "enemies" with heinous acts (the fiction of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in Lenin's case, the linking of a psychotic's murders to consensual BDSM in yours), labeling them with pejorative terms that don't apply (calling those pushing for democracy Monarchists in Lenin's cases, calling opponents Nazis and Bolsheviks in yours), demanding censorship of others' works while insisting yours are harmless fiction (it's amusing as hell that you think my photos can cause a woman to be killed but say your poems calling for guys like me to be murdered are harmless art - maybe my art's more powerful?)

Here's the tip, pal, you are not John freakin' Milton saving the world from the monarchy.  You aren't an unsung hero who'll be revered when the new order comes and the world's remade in your image.  You're a self-loathing pervert with messianic tendencies and artistic pretensions who wants a world in which the things that torment your weak self control are banned by law.

As an addendum to this, a few people have expressed some concern about me calling this guy out, either than I'm taking him too seriously or that he might complain to DA & get me kicked off.  To this I say letting this stuff go allows it to flourish.  I call out the cockroaches, because if you don't shine a light on them & you let them hide they multiply.  I've faced consequences for it before, including a guy who talked a lot like this one stalking me & my family in real life.  He's in prison now for producing child porn & raping his own child, partly because of the attention I brought on him.  It was worth it to help stop others from being hurt.
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I got a Fav on one of my photos from Footnoting and I went by his profile to thank him.  Then I saw this journal entry.  (UPDATE: Good thing I took screenshots, predictably the coward removed it - AND THEN REPLACED IT WITH SOMETHING WORSE!  Scroll down for more.)  He's ranting about one of my friend Lochai's photos, which he's placed in a folder labeled "Utter Evil."

His post is a pretty typical mishmash of crap from a guy who goes on & on about how he "adores" women, and they're the "highest form of evolution" and so are "sacrosanct" but it's clear from his collections and his poems that he spends ALL his time fetishising women (primarily their feet) as sexual objects, and obsessing about women being tied up and in bondage.  He also pictures himself as some sort of "savior" who's going to rescue all the maidens from "EVIL DOMS," and he has odd religious obsessions that sound like an abusive Catholic background affected him.

I asked some pointed questions, which I'll append at the end of this as he's likely to hide my post if he sees this.  It's important to note that in his response he avoided MOST of my questions, such as what about Fem Dom on male or female sub.  In other words he's a tired cliche (words chosen deliberately for reasons you'll see in a moment) of a guy who puts women on a pedestal as being "holy" largely in order to forestall his own urge to degrade them and likely to be degraded by them.  His poems are full of creepy imagery about watching young girls in parks, staring at womens' feet on the street (and I say that as a foot fetishist & someone who makes foot vids... he's weird about it), weird vore fantasies about guys breeding giant plants to eat their wives, really scary stuff about murdering male Doms via torture & live burial & such, and pseudo-religious imagery about how he reveres the Saint's words but wishes he could evade it to be entirely made of eyes to stare at women more.  Contrary to the note he sent me, and his reply to me, his mentality is the kind that's far more likely to evolve in to something harmful.

This's the note (screenshot HERE):
I responded back to your interesting questions, and I hope I anwered recpectfully.

Out of curiosity, and against my better judgment, I took a look at your gallery. It had all the tired cliches of bdsm, which did not surprise me, but then I saw the woman tied to a cross.

That is offensive to the Nth degree. It is a shame that we live in a society where such blasphemy is allowed to be presented, and is tolerated.

However, I do not have to tolerate it in my space at DA. Therefore, I am asking you not to contact me again. I am doing so by note, rather than commenting on the photograph, since I have no invitation to your gallery, nor would my opinions be welcome there.

I noticed that none of the models who were subjected to rigging and such looked very happy about it. Their expressions do not bespeak erotica as much as boredom or, I think, even fear. In that respect, my friend, your work---in my opinion---is a colossal failure.

Again, do not contact me again.

Needless to say he blocked me, so his "do not contact" is moot.

I have bad news for you, dude:

You not only reduce women to objects of your fantasy and think of yourself as some sort of mystical & heavenly "protector," you do it in such a way that requires you to insist that those women who don't fit your standard are "sick" and need "help" and are "brainwashed."  You would deny them their choices and force them in to treatment to fit the mold you think they belong in.  ou don't "revere" or "worship" women as "holy," you make them in to pretty objects that're the subject of your impotent savior fantasies and likely didn't answer my questions about them engaging in BDSM behavior towards men because you crave the abuse & degradation from your own religious guilt over your feelings of shame in your own lust.  YOU are the type who ends up becoming a rapist or killer, not me or my viewers.  We're honest about our kink and ourselves and seek fulfillment openly.

The original journal post & replies:

So after a few hours & apparently a few more people (including Promet-he-us according to his reply here), this idiot deleted his entry (if anyone who added comments took screenshots let me know and I'll add them) and replaces it with a new one called "Consider Mary Kelly." (Screenshot HERE.)
THIS is where he shows clearly why I say he's FAR more dangerous than a practitioner of consensual BDSM.  For those who don't know, Mary Kelly was one of Jack the Ripper's victims (serial killers in general and Jack in particular are part of this guy's obsession).  He puts in this canard: "I side with the feminists here.  That which depicts abuse of a woman, no matter what the context, contributes to the abuse of women."  That, of course, doesn't recognize that there's a real division among feminists on this topic and that a huge group of them will note feminism is about CHOICE and doing what they want, not being TOLD they are "sick" and should stop something by a man who considers them nothing but objects.  He also posits it was Victorian paintings of De Sade type scenes that set Jack off, says there's no difference between whipping someone and gutting someone with a knife, calls for making BDSM in any form illegal as Nazi symbols are in some places, etc. More of the usual BS.  But THIS sentence is where he shows how sick he is:
"Sure, Mary Kelly consented to let that sonofabitch into her apartment, and she consented to get naked for him; and that consent apparently gave him the license to slice her up and serve her raw to the people who found her the next day."

THAT, Mr. q-v, Mr. Misted Teacup, is not just a total lack of understanding of informed consent, THAT is the mindset and justification of EVERY RAPIST EVER.  No, her letting him in the apartment and agreeing to money for sex in NO WAY gave her consent to be killed.  Rational human beings who see women as people and not objects understand that a woman, even a sex worker, can withdraw consent at any time & this MUST be respected.  Respecting consent is one of the cornerstones of the BDSM community.  The people who don't understand it are rapists, killers, and, apparently, you.

Update to the update:  While I was typing this, he's been arguing with jeremyalan (not someone I know) and he's gone from the Nazi comparison to saying those who disagree with him are practicing Bolshevik tactics, so we have references to Nazis & Communist here.  He also insists anyone who disagrees with him can't possibly have a point and is just arguing because they want to abuse women, and claims he's researched with a "medical professional" about what pain is & won't entertain any arguments unless someone can discredit this un-cited research from an un-named professional.  Idiot.
The comparisons to Nazis & Communists are especially laughable because he says this:
I realize society, as it is, will tolerate bdsm because we tolerate anything. But History teaches that every era of license is followed by an era reactionary (in the negative) to that license. I do not expect to see that era in my lifetime. But it is coming. All of the signs are there that it is coming. And, when it does, the public depiction of abuse of a woman will result in a midnight knock at the door, and a quick whisk away to a place that will be terrifying beyond words to tell.
That, of course, is exactly what the Communists & Nazis did.

I should append this with a note that I am not unused to condemnation of my work. I shoot BDSM, I shoot erotica, and I shoot graphic bloody horror. There're ALWAYS people offended by these things, and I've been called all sorts of names before... everything from "murderer" to "child molester."  When I got one of my horror DDs people were literally calling for me to be arrested.  (You can see it in the comments.)

I'm not pissed or disturbed because this guy insulted me, I'm bothered that a guy with obviously unhealthy attitudes towards women is out there not only calling for work like mine to be outlawed (something I've heard MANY times before) but for society to sanction my DEATH. When someone who's as out there as this is arguing for the right to KILL me, it's bothersome.

Late update:  I caught more of the comments before he started hiding everything & then deleted the post.………
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YES!  It's true!  After 3 LONG years WRONKLED Magazine, the best source for all things related to internet modeling and photography, has returned!
Unfortunately low finances & lack of input from the community meant we had to close shop after our April 2009 debut but we kept the dream alive!
And now, FINALLY, WRONKLED Magazine is BACK, and this time here to stay!  We have content in the can, a revitalized staff, and new investors.

HOWEVER - We still need YOU!  Check out WRONKLED and if you think YOU can contribute let us know!
We need writers, photographers, VIDEOGRPAHERS (we're desperate for original video content), animators (we know you're out there with humorous shorts!), and (special call for people here on DA) COMIC ARTISTS.  One of the things we want most at the site is a WEBCOMIC!

We are NOT asking people to do this for free!  While we're not rich we ARE planning to pay our contributors!  So take a look at the site & if you'd like to take part fill out the form & let us know!
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Ok.  I'ma reiterate this point.  You want to talk shit about me, tell me my photos suck, say I'm an awful person who encourages murder, say I actually murder people*, whatever, I don't care.  I won't remove or hide your comments.

However, no matter what you think of my photos, what you see comes from ME.  Confine your criticisms to ME.  If you talk crap about the MODELS who work with me that is the ONLY time I'll hide comments, and ban you from my DA account.

I just had to deal with one comment (from someone who's just been banned from DA for, I would guess, similar behavior) with some weird incest fantasy about how a model looked like a cousin he wanted to fuck, and another calling a model a "dirty little ginger slut."  NOT acceptable, any more than people I've had to kick for making cracks about models I work with being "fat pigs" or "anorexic bitches."

I'd appreciate a little respect, but I know putting myself out online means I might not get it, and I live with that.  Showing respect for the models I work with, tho, is something I can & will enforce here.

That is all.

*Yes, people really did say that on one of my horror DDs.
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I'm torn.  I'm coming up on 50k pageviews, and I've been planning for ages to do a contest when I got there & give away a signed print of one of my images.
Unfortunately I am BROKE right now, and there's no way in the next 700 views I will be able to afford to get a good print made & then ship it.

So I don't know if I should push it back & wait until 75k views (which could take a WHILE, I don't get a ton of views to my page, usually just to my photos) or if I should go thru with it & give the winner an I.O.U.

Tough choice.  :(
I hate being broke!
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Note for any of my stock watchers, I was uploading a stack of new stock tonight, all shots from a surgical staple removal, and I "lost" one.  I went digging around & found it in my Scrapbook, and I found some other "missing" stock from my fireworks set & animal stuff that had accidentally been mis-filed.  I've put them all back in to my regular stock folder now.
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Not MANY 'cause I only have a few (and just accidentally gave some away 'cause of a stupid glitch in DA's software), but the first person to respond gets 3 points.
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Ok, I'm torn on this one & getting mixed feedback.  I can't decide if I prefer the color or sepia version of this image.  Both have strengths & weaknesses.
So, opinions on which I should use, anyone?

This's NSFW nudity, fair warning.  If you hate the image in general or think it sucks, that's nice.  You're welcome to share, but I don't care.  I am looking specifically and only for feedback on color vs sepia, anything else will be ignored.  :)


(if your browser/monitor won't handle the RGB right)



(if your browser/monitor won't handle the RGB right)
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*UPDATED to fix missing link to Amaris' gallery

Ok, I am seriously OCD about some things and my DA gallery is one of them.  People come to my gallery & go "OMG all he shoots is pervy fetish" because that's what's on the first three pages.  NOT SO!  It's just that, in addition to folders, I sort all my images as I place them & since Fetish & Art Nudes are my 2 most common topics I sort them out that way.  Unfortunately a lot of people don't look at the folder list & so miss out on my work.

With them in mind, here's a quick guide to my gallery:

Collaborative Digital Art   Regrets by slephoto
My concepts & base images with manip work by artists I love.


Mature Content

Shadow of Your Heart by slephoto

Rope, latex, feet, boots, etc.  This's pretty much ALL NSFW.


Mature Content

Sweetheart, I'm the Boss by slephoto

If you're looking for hardcore action, move on.  If you're looking for artsy erotica (NSFW) take a look.

Art Nudes  

Mature Content

Your Skin and Bones by slephoto

From "Old Masters" painting styles to more modern representations of the human form, this's the art of nudity.

Art Portraits   Turn To the Light by slephoto
Beauty shots from an artsier perspective rather than a commercial one.  Some implied nudity.

Horror-Monsters   Baba Yaga by slephoto
That thing making noise in your closet?  It lives in here.

Fantasy-Surreal   Through a Slanted Veil by slephoto
A world of pure imagination.  Some crossover with the Collaborative Digital Art folder.

Glamour-Pinup modern   E's Eyes by slephoto
FHM-Playboy type glamour & more modern pinup styles.  Some NSFW.

Pinup traditional  

Mature Content

Naughty Nurses: OH by slephoto

"Old School" 30's-60's inspired pinup styles.  Some NSFW.

Body Painting  

Mature Content

The Artist at Work by slephoto

Body painters' work I've shot.  This one's pretty barren, it needs fleshing out.

Fashion-Commercial-Beauty   Black, White, and Red by slephoto
Mix of mainstream images.

Cosplay Moondrops Burst by slephoto
Let's play dress up!

Humor   TFP Whore No. 2 by slephoto
A funny thing happened at the photo shoot...

People-events   Hefter-Cochrane wedding 2 by slephoto
Weddings, concerts, etc.

Birds-Animals-Bugs   Maned Wolf No. 1 STOCK by slephoto
Living things in nature.  Many of these are available as prints via DA **.

Nature-'scapes   Calla lily triptych by slephoto
Flowers, landscapes, the heavens, abandoned places outside of city settings, etc.  Many of these are available as prints via DA**.

Collage-Manipulation   Sugarcubes: A Poem for Emily by slephoto
Section for some experimental work.

Animations   In Flight by slephoto
Old-fashioned stop motion animations done using animated GIFs.  Please give these time to load, some are HUGE!

Stock   Fireworks 7-4-2010 No.4 STOCK by slephoto
Freely available (under CC with attribution) for use (including commercial) anywhere images covering a range of subjects.  Some duplication from the Nature folders.  ALL of these are available as prints via DA**.

A few pieces of prose.

Some bits & pieces of m VERY early photography, more of my influences/early inspiration & work can be found in Scraps.

FREQUENT COLLABORATORS: Models & riggers I work with on a regular basis, these images are all elsewhere in my gallery, these collections are for those looking for a "shortcut" to a favorite person in my work.
Renee Blaine/The Original Sin
Laura Unbound
Jaden Starr
Ms. Darlyn
Wara Model
Amaris Jade
Sydney Screams
Ropework by Karena (one of my favorite riggers)
Imriel the Model, my pet Ball Python he frequently poses with models, especially at public events.

In Stu's Room. A set from FetCon 2007 that deserved its own space.

My DD's.  This's too empty & only has images from 2 categories!  Suggest me for more!  :D

**A note about prints:  A couple of sections note that they have images available as prints via DA, but signed limited editions of almost everything in my gallery are available if you contact me directly!
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One of the things I love about DA is the idea that this's a place that accepts a lot of different types of art & different body types and ideas, as well.  So it makes me sad to see the response (or lack thereof) to this holiday pinup image:

Mature Content

All I Want for Christmas by slephoto

SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO of you watch me.  Normally within 24 hours of me posting almost anything I get at least a few hundred views & 10+ favs, regardless of the subject matter (aside from particular things like basic stock images).
I vary my style & content a lot, but there're still plenty of people who like some of each kind of my images.

Those numbers are also BEFORE I post to Groups, once an image hits a few groups the numbers generally go WAY up.  This image, in fact, is in 3 groups for pinups (Pinup-Pleasures, Pin-up-city, and Pinup-Paradise) plus one group devoted SOLELY to larger models (Voluptaria).  Between them those groups have over FOUR THOUSAND watchers.

Yet despite those numbers & the typical views/reactions images get around here, after almost 48 hours this image has barely 100 views & 7 :+fav:s.  I'm not a complete egotist, I know I'm not a super-brilliant photographer, and that this's sort of a gimmicky image... but it's a Xmas pinup done to copy a certain style.  Faves aside, where are the views???

I can't help but feel that because I put a bigger model "right out there" as it were in the focal point of this image that some people are ignoring it.  I have other images with larger models that've done better but they're often presented in more traditional ways or it's someone like London Andrews who has a following.

This image, tho, seems to have left people totally nonplussed, and as I've displayed it elsewhere to good reaction I can't help but feel it's not so much the image as the viewers.  Maybe I'm wrong, I hope I am, but in the mean time...  :(
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I'm home for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I found out that a gallery I'd gotten work in a few times was having their yearly B&W competition (open to work in all media as long as it's B&W... photos only made up about 20% of the submissions), so I hustled to throw some work together & put these three pieces in:

Off the Tracks by slephoto          

Mature Content

The Way I'd Like to Be by slephoto
           Abandoned Homestead W. Va. by slephoto

I've won awards in this show before and almost always place so I had high hopes of at least one getting in.  The nude was iffy, as this's a gallery in a fairly prudish area, but in the last 5 years I'm the ONLY photographer who's gotten a nude accepted there (at any shows, not the B&W specifically) AND I'm the only artist in the last 7 years in ANY medium to win anything with a nude.
Specifically, these 2 images:

Mature Content

Persephone Emergent by slephoto

Mature Content

Nightswimming by slephoto

About 300 artists submitted somewhere between 600-800 pieces, or which just over 100 were to be selected.  10 would win awards (4 Honorables, 3 Awards of Excellence, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places).  Budget was an issue & I was biting nails about if I should enter & how many pieces to submit, but a Facebook posting netted me a sale of the image of the house, which paid (with some fortune in sales) for three 11x14 prints, prefab mats & frames, and my entry fee.  I'd have preferred 16x20s, especially for the 2 scenic pieces, but cost was prohibitive.

So after a VERY tough communication to housemates to get files emailed, some raid adjusting of images, and a lot of running around yesterday to get prints made & frames done I woke up today for the drive to the Ridge Art Association & put my work in.  Then I headed to the local coffee shop to bite my nails for 3 hours until the judging was done & they opened the formal critique.

Once there it was quickly apparent I had not won any of the awards.  :(  But I stayed and was pleasantly surprised to find that ALL THREE of my works were accepted.  It's limit 3 per artist and I've NEVER had all of my works in before... it's VERY rare for them.  NO one else, not even any of the winners, got more than 2 pieces, and only 3 or 4 others even got that many.  I was the ONLY artist to have 3 pieces selected!  That by itself was pretty cool.

I talked to the judges after the show & they said they were a bit concerned about the nude shot but they felt its artistic merits were so strong no one had any right to complain about the content.  YAY!  So there's your argument about whether nudes & bondage in photos can be art.  :P  YES, they CAN.

Specific things the judges cited as reasons for accepting my works were that, out of ALL the photos in the show, demonstrated the best & most consistent grasp of showing a broad tonal range from BRIGHT white to full black with a range of middle greys WITHOUT stopping to blown out highlights over being overly dark or muddy in the middle.  They also liked the strong compositions, and especially liked the technique in the nude... they said the initially thought it was a drawing, and questioned me about the staging & technique, assuming it had to be digitally manipulated.  MissKaze & LauraUnBound  (2 fantastic models) also got praised for their posing.

Ultimately while I obviously would've loved an award I'm delighted that under the circumstances all my work was accepted (and who knows, it might sell while the show's going on) and that the bondage nude was recognized by a somewhat stodgy group of professional art critics in a repressive market as being deserving of recognition as ART.
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I finally broke down & Tumblred.  Come Tumblr with me?  Follow me at Sex, Madness, Flying Saucers!.
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EDIT 5-9-11 (or 9-5-11 if you're in Europe): I have added previews from 4 more photo sets people might be interested in, see note at the bottom!

I am looking for people to collaborate with me on a few projects.  One is open for multiple people, the other I need to find one person willing to commit to the full set.

First off, I shot a whole set of photos with ElizabethClaret recently with the intention of having fantasy photomanips done.  I'm looking for people to do things like what the fabulous miguellore did with helping me create Regrets:
Regrets by slephoto

I AM NOT offering these up as stock.  I am looking for people to discuss concepts with me & create images we will share the rights to.  Here're the previews of the images: Elizabeth Claret Fantasy proofs (some images NSFW/18+).  These are NOT intended for the manips, they're just to give you a hint at what they look like.  Whomever I work with will get the RAW files.

My faves out of them that I'd really like to see something done with (and that I have concepts for) are 5, 11, 18, 20, 24, 28, 29, 45, 54, 59, 62 but I'm willing to discuss any of them.  Elizabeth is also found of #17.  I am happy to work with multiple different artists on these!

My other project requires a little more work.  I shot 2 cosplayers at DragonCon 2007 as a Fire Elf and Water Sprite, doing a staged battle.  Here're the preview images Fire-Water battle.  Once again, THESE ARE NOT STOCK.  I have additional images, but the quality of them is not great AND they need more extensive reworking, like a complete digital re-painting.  Because this is a single project, I want ONE person to work with.  

What I want to do with these is render them in to a set where it's done like 2 pages of a comic book, I'm going to write dialog & captions to put together.

So if you're interested in working with me on either project, please let me know!  :D

5-9-11, 4 new sets added, all images I'm looking for people to "play" with!

Number 1, a cosplay Kabuki Battle
Some NSFW, minor nudity & some blood/gore

Number 2 a fantasy vintage Martini Party
Some NSFW, minor nudity.  On the last page of the previews there're a few images actually labeled as "previews," these are concepts I have for what might be done with these.

Number 3, and people will love this, Alice In Wonderland, the tea party!!
This is the set this collaboration is from:

Mature Content

We're All Mad Here by slephoto

There's a little bit of nudity in some of the images.

Number 4, MORE Alice in Wonderland, outdoors with some different costumes!
Again, some minor nudity.

If you're interested in any of those, comment & we'll set something up!
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I've been interviewed a few times here on DA about my horror photography and told the story about how in 5th grade I got a book on horror SFX and accidentally managed to take a "ghost" photo, and that those really set me on the road that led me to where I am today.  I've recently been unpacking boxes that've been packed for *mumblemumble* years, since I moved out of my parents' home when I was 19, and I've been finding all SORTS of things, so I thought I'd share them & their stories.

Little Girl Ghost by slephoto
The picture is "Little Girl Ghost" and the full story's in the image description.  It was an accidental double-exposure taken in St. Augustine on a field trip.  It got a great reaction, and made me want to learn to do it on purpose.

That same year I was performing in Macbeth as part of my school's Gifted Education program and I needed to find out how to do makeup for the witches and make blood for the stabbing scene.  To my delight, I found this
Movie Monsters book by slephoto
at the Scholastic Book Fair.  I was delighted at all the info & how-tos, like my first blood recipe:

Non-toxic washable red poster (Tempera) paint
Red, yellow, and blue food color
Corn syrup (like Karo)

     You shouldn't mix up this recipe unless your parents say it's OK.  As all vampires know, blood can be very messy!  Remember, again, to wear old clothes and to put newspaper down.  The washable paint won't stain, but the food colors will!  They will also stain your skin, so use at your own risk!
     Pour out a cup of corn syrup.  Add a teaspoon of red and of yellow food color, and a drop of blue food color.  Stir.  Now add a teaspoon of the red poster paint.  Stir again.  You have blood, Igor, blood!

I mixed up 2 liters of it & put it in a jug, we kept it under the sink in the classroom.  Come April Fool's Day, I was in the classroom alone before school started one day & I saw the assistant principal making her way down the hallway.  I ran & grabbed the blood & poured it all over one of my arms, then staggered out in to the hall in front of my poor victim.  I was crying & gibbering hysterically, and I collapsed at her feet, clutching my blood drenched arm.  She asked me what happened & I whimpered out a story about cutting my arm on something under the sink.  As she was screaming for help, I lost it & started laughing & yelled "April Fools!"

She DROPPED me on the floor and stood up & stomped her foot.  Then she took a moment, took a deep breath, gathered herself, and said "Only YOU James. I'm a little disappointed you didn't find a way to have the bone sticking out."  So next year I did.  :D

The shock and reaction over the blood incident and the coolness of the photo really fascinated me with the idea of horror, and it's gone on from there.  I hope you enjoyed this little peek in to my mind!
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Well, I've finally dug out from under the HUGE backlog of DA messages I'd let get away from me.  That means I can start submitting some of my new images to groups to build the NEXT flood, I guess!  And I have to edit more, too.  ALWAYS more to edit.

In sadder news, my brief flirtation with a premium membership's about gone.  I won a 3 month from 3dstage at smoking-art, my first ever premium time in my years at DA.  But it's about to run out and I have no monies or points for more.  :(  What's sad is that the main thing I wanted it for was critiques and I got none while it lasted, even tho I asked.  I wonder if my images will still be eligible once my time's up?
Edited to add: Awww, my buds over at dA-Morgue extended my premium out for a month!  Thanks gang!  You guys rock!
Edit again: My biggest fan bought a year for me to help encourage my art.  Thanks Mom.  :)

In GREAT news, The Way I'd Like to Be

Mature Content

The Way I'd Like to Be by slephoto
featuring LauraUnBound and MissKaze was chosen by the members of Respect-Us as their new front page feature.  Thanks to all the folks who voted, and to the group maintainers for nominating me.  I'm really proud of the image & delighted at the attention it's receiving.  Here's a permalink… for when the front page expires.

Now I suppose I'll go submit my 2 new decay pieces Abandoned Barn W. Va. by slephoto Abandoned Barn W. Va. & Abandoned Homestead W. Va. by slephoto Abandoned Homestead W. Va. to a few groups, and throw some stock in a few places as well.

And maybe get a glass of wine.  :)
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It's a truism that a photo of a naked woman posted to a website will get more attention than a photo of a non-naked woman, or of a something other than a woman entirely.  While there's certainly a basis for this and many would just say "Duh!" it's simply not always true.

Case in point, around 9 AM this morning I posted 2 images to my DeviantArt.  The first was a photo of a Maned Wolf, a South American canid that's basically a giant fox:
Maned Wolf No. 1 STOCK by slephoto

The second was an art nude of LauraUnBound :

Mature Content

Theres Someone That I Long For by slephoto

(NSFW, Non-DA members can see it here… )

I submitted both to a number of groups, and SOME of the disparity is because the wolf shot has been accepted to a few more groups so far.  However a LOT more people look at the Nudes category.

So in around 9 hours, the wolf shot has:
Comments: 16 (includes my replies)
Favourites: 70 [who?]
Views: 475 (475 today)

The nude of Laura has:
Comments: 3 (no replies from me yet)
Favourites: 22 [who?]
Views: 274 (274 today)

I don't know what'll happen in the long run, especially after more groups accept Laura's photo, but for now fox>"fox," flying in the face of "conventional wisdom" about "naked girls trump all."


SIDE NOTE: One of my other images of Laura's been featured in this DA news article… of this week's best Art Nude & Fetish Images by Respect-Us !!  :D
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