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Watch the Bed Burn

By slephoto
:iconashfyre: ~AshFyre (Model Insider profile)
:iconandyvirus: ~AndyVirus (Model Insider profile).
My first dabble in m/f erotica. The "grainy" effect was a deliberate choice in how this was shot.

Also in this set:
Sweetheart, I'm the Boss, Tiefer, Tiefer!, The Calliope Crashed, Bring Your Knees In Tight, Secret Loveletters

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Dec 17, 2011, 10:11:22 PM
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Vision
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Technique
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There are things which I loved and there are things which I didn't.
To start with..A Nikon D2 is a good camera..but there is still some place for fixing the picture when it comes to editing. I hope you will agree on that part. I know black and white is classy but this could have looked better with the Duo Tone or a bit of Focal B/W if you don't want to put it in colors. Ofcourse that's what I think.
Moreover there is light coming out of the window can use it in a esoteric way.

And about the models..a picture won't come good as long as you are not comfortable with it. There is ample free space on the bed to be used. The position they are using doesn't seem comfortable.

Although I like the whole concept of it and the messed up bedsheets at the end of her legs. And well ofcourse...the love making.
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Just to clarify a couple of points, it was a D200, not a D2. There's a tableside lamp off to the right (viewer's right) and no window light. Duo or Focal might be cool, but this entire set was shot with the intention of being B&W.

I agree about the positioning on the bed, but I was trying to direct the models as little as possible. They're a real-life couple & I gave them general directions on what I wanted & then just stood back to take photos. Any time I spoke up it broke the mood & they too more time to get back in to it, so it was a toss up between some awkward positioning and letting them get the real emotion.

More of this set's coming, please see some of the others & let me know if you think it works as a whole. :)
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You should insist in this subject!
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Sorry, I don't understand what you mean?  :(
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I'm not surprised the guy who posted this was perma-banned. Comment hidden for making weird incest fantasies up about the models.
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Great page, awesome photos
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Good job! I like this very much. I hope to see more from the series - and I hope the models took it all the way. I like the fact that it looks cinema verite - sort of caught in the act. It's very real. And unlike the critique posted above, I think the natural light streaming in and the composition add to the effect of a passionate moment.

~ Kurt

Question: are the models a real couple - or did you bring them together?
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Thanks. Tho as I mentioned in the critique, it's not natural light. We shot at night & used a single bedside lamp, I used some brighter lighting in a few & a little fill flash in others but stuck mostly to the lamp.

They're a real couple. I've done "staged" girl/girl shoots (some are here in my DA in the Erotica folder in my gallery), and I actually have worked on a porn set... which was very un-erotic. I'd always felt if I ever did any b/g I'd want a real couple to really capture the energy & feeling, especially the first time I did it. If you check their DAs (linked in the artists' comments) you'll find more photos of them together, they've both been models for some time & just recently started posing together.
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Yeah, I know AshFyre. I just didn't know who the guy was - or if they were "together". The reason I asked that is because I've put couples together myself before and it's always interesting to see if they connect sexually or not. Some yes, some no. I once put a female porn star together with a non-model gay guy to see what would happen. Let me tell you... gay or not, the sparks flew! Ahem. :) I remember him looking at me in total surprise. HA!
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Yeah, Ash & Andy have been a couple for some time :)
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I totally got your point and this is a nice picture. But it could have been better. The only reason behind it is..I have checked your work and compared to some of them,I posted the critique.
You are a pro and I know for will get the better of it :D
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This was new subject matter for me, so there's a learning curve. Like I said, I think some of the others will be better. I picked this one to edit first deliberately 'cause it's less revealing than some of the others but still showed a lot of passion.
It's a little "friendlier" to test the waters. :)
Check back for others soon.
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