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January 15, 2012
Should've Gone to Jared by *slephoto
Featured by pullingcandy
Suggested by TrishaMonsterr
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Should've Gone to Jared

Fellas, don't think you can get away with buying yourself a chainsaw at Christmastime & then claiming you got it for her. :chainsaw:
(Explanation for the non-US viewers, Jared, the Galeria of Jewelry, is a US company that for years has run a series of ads around the phrase "He went to JARED!" when a man buys a woman jewelry, and when some guy DOESN'T go get gets dumped or told "You should've gone to Jared!" For example: [link] and [link] )

:iconashfyre: ~AshFyre (Model Insider profile)
:iconandyvirus: ~AndyVirus (Model Insider profile).

The blood is real, not photoshop, the lighting makes it look odd. Well, that and the fact that it was near-freezing & the stuff kept glopping up.

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© 2011 - 2021 slephoto
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
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ohhh, this looks pretty good.
when i saw it was censored for violence/gore, i wasn't kinda thinking that this would look good with DD, but it really does!

the pose is looking like the girl is angry, like howling, i only see this in movies with a long storyline, not photo's.

the makeup/SFX look really good! almost stunning.
and so does the enviorement.

the background/enviorement looks kinda old, so does the shed, what makes this piece more realistic, like i said before, something you would only see in good movies.

well, all pieces of art have flaws, right? points to practise on.
its kinda hard for me too see a flaw in this one, except the ground..... it looks like winter, but the clothes the people are wearing don't seem that winter-ish...altrough i could be wrong, since their clothes look like they were ready for "something", well, untill the girl thought otherwise...

anyways, i gotta quit the chatter now and give a overall rating.

atleast 4.5 chainsaws outta 5, nice job!
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Thanks! The clothes were a deliberate choice, it was a genre-joke based on an 80's movie called "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers."
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Featured >>> [link]<<< :iconwhats-the-piont: Founders Choice :blackrose:
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I laughed like crazy when I saw this.
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Thanks! This's actually part of a whole set, I have to get it edited at some point & animate some of it. :D
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sorry about that its kind of spam I was looking and mt friend wanted me to show her something
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lol funny women can be crazy better watch out :o)
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Your art has been featured at the #dA-Morgue

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Woooo! Thanks!
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The January, 2012 Horror/Macabre Daily Deviation round up has been posted. You've been featured, and you can find you're amazing work HERE.
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Texas chainsaw massacre style.... :pills:
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More like "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" but yeah :D
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