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Alexia and Imriel No. 1

AlexiaPik with my snake Imriel the Model photographed at scottchurch's studio in October 2016.
Shot on Tri-X 120mm with my Yashica MAT-124G, straight out of camera other than cropping & resizing.

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Image © James Glendinning/SilverLight Esoterica Photography.
Image may not be used, copied, or distributed in any way or form without express written consent.
This work is NOT in the public domain.
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I'm only an amateur photographer, so take my opinion only for what it's worth.

There's nothing wrong with the photo, but there are ways that it could be better, taking it from good to great.

I think having the model looking away from the camera takes her out of the picture for the most part.  She's there, but she doesn't seem actively engaged with either the camera or the snake.  I can understand that the snake probably made its way behind her back, and so that's why her body is turned away from the camera, but the photo would be improved if maybe she were glancing over her shoulder at the camera, or maybe had her head tilted downward and slightly toward the camera, so that her focus is on the snake.

Alternatively, working with the un-cropped photo, if you have enough room to give more space on the left, it might make it seem as though she's looking off into the distance.
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This was a snapshot at a group shoot/workshop, so nothing formal was intended.  The model had thrown on her street clothes & asked if I could take a couple of SFW shots (all the other images were nudes) she could share on social media.  I needed to finish a roll of film so we took 3 quick shots.  I posted this one because it was the one she liked.  :)
I appreciate the comments tho.