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Please remember to check that you are submitting to the correct folder. As the influx of submissions is great, we don't have time to note each member on which folder their work belongs in. Deviations featuring only Marble Hornets related symbols or submissions not including Slender Man will be denied.


Hey guys. So as some of you may have noticed, The Slender Man Cometh is a Super Group. This comes with a certain great advantages for admin and members alike.

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Who is The Slender Man?
The Slender Man is a mythical creature originally created for the purpose of a "Create Paranormal Images" thread on a forum. The creature caught on as an internet phenomenon shortly after. An ongoing YouTube video series, Marble Hornets and the Slender Man has also been created centering around "Alex", who has been videotaping his frightening experiences with the creature known as The Slender Man.

Is is true?
Although the creature is considered entirely fabricated, sightings have already been claimed in several places around the world, including America, Japan, and Norway.

What does he look like?
His most notable features are his black suit and thin, tall frame. He has the ability to elongate his limbs to frightening lengths as a scare and predatory tactic. Although originally thought to have two arms, since then the myth has expanded in that some images of him appear with several, some resembling tendrils while other resemble branches. He is also most popularly depicted as faceless.

What does he do?
The Slender Man is foremost a monster. A boogeyman for children specifically, he is known to kidnap children and is said to appear before one or several go missing. What happens to the abducted children remains unknown, though speculation includes them being killed, absorbed, or even taken to a different dimension for some other purpose. It is unknown if this inclination to take children is instinctual, necessary, or simply born of some awful urge.

What (if any) are his abilities?
Aside from the aforementioned ability to elongate his limbs, the Slender Man also possesses a hypnotic ability. Upon cornering his pray, he will outstretch his arms as if to embrace them. For reasons unknown, the prey will be unable to resist walking into his embrace, thus trapping themselves. He also possesses the ability to produce tendrils from the tips of his fingers and from his back, which he may use as an alternate means of transportation.

Source: Mythical Creatures Guide
Original Thread: Create Paranormal Images


Hey everyone. deaddoll00 here, founder and current moderator for this group. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and myself or another member can lend you a hand. If you have a more complicated question, please feel free to note me.





General Fanart
New Players.. Same Game by BlackCat5643
Slender Man brought friend by Lyle127A
Buster Meets Slenderman by Quinstiff

Mature Content

Slender Visual Poem 2 by Dracina
Photos and Manipulations
SLENDOR by MutanerdA
Slenderman by Py3rr
Slenderman In The Fog 1 by Buttu1991
The Slender Man by Carlyndra
Stamps and Misc
Slender STAMP by MutanerdA
Slender Man jack'o'lantern by Mistress-D
Marble Hornets Stamp 2 by SpeedStamps



Awesome Slenderman Song

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 15, 2013, 5:40 PM

Welcome to The Slender Man Artwork and Literature Community on :devart:





I'd just like us all to take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness and hilarity that is Youtuber's, Gamesomniac's song, My Friend The Slenderman.


Not only is there Slenderman related published smut out there, waiting for you to find it, but it's hilariously bad! Check out our epic reading of Slenderbone.

Never a more erotic tale since that dinosaur series. :icontrollfaceplz:


In other news, SlenderManCometh would like to thank Morphsuits-Canada for sending us a free, awesome Slenderman Morphsuit costume. We put together a little channel introduction and you can now see the full-length short (super short) video! We'll also be hosting a giveaway in the near future for a lucky Slender-fan to win the Slenderman suit (size: L) Stay tuned!



Welcome to FearPlay! Do you have a scary, off-the-wall, silly, or otherwise awesome Slender-theory you would like to share with the community? Comment and we will be happy to include and expand on it in future episodes!


We now have a full list of creepypasta/SCP related games that are currently out and where to download them. You can check that out here!



It is now very easy to join the club. You will see a toolbar at the top of the page which allows you to do so with the click of a button. This group is open-join and no approval is necessary.


MEMBERS: There is a 2 deviation submissions per week limit.

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Please adhere to the Deviantart rules of submission.

Please submit only YOUR OWN work into the group gallery. Submitting on behalf of other members or submitting the work of non-members is not allowed.



If you would like to donate any amount, do so here:…


Disclaimer: The Slender Man is a mythological creature created on the forums of SomethingAwful. The concept does not in any way belong to this group. The artwork present is property of the credited artist.

Group icon image used with permission from DisforDelirium (Original)

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