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pouring coffee on top and putting whipped cream on the top
best for cold autumn mornings in high altitudes with pine trees. *nod nod*
and the ground is hard and brown, and the brown pine needles crinkle and roll under your shoes
everything crisp on the outside
everything warm on the inside

the air is clear, not just to your eyes but to your nose
your lungs
you breathe in and are filled with a single moment

a memory made of muscles and lungs
and rosy cheeks
and a colorful scarf
is to find a common ground
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A lovely moment, and you have preserved it nicely - lively and clean. That is one of my favourite aspects of this craft, the preserving of moments. Taking a piece of time, complete with its atmosphere and feeling, and setting it in resin, to be able to pick it up again and again, turn it around and gaze at it and never lose it to the fogs of forgetting that eat away at loose memories. - And to be able to share it with others, of course, is also a great benefit. "To find a common ground" - that, writing does well at helping with. I hope you met with kindred spirits on your ground of fallen pine needles, and I hope you are well, Ian. :rose: