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Ouranosaurus nigeriensis



Day 22 of Dinovember 2020

Yesterday we had a "hypsilophodont", today an iguanodontian. Basically any ornithopod which isn't a "hypsilophodont"  is an iguanodontian, which (for now) actually is a valid clade. They are medium to huge sized plant-eating dinosaurs, and the larger ones walk on all fours, although they could run on two legs too when threatened.

Ouranosaurus is remarkable for the high neural spines on its back. It's uncertain which structure they supported and for what purpose; it might have been a sail for temperature regulation or display or it may have been a hump for energy storage for dry seasons, kinda like a camel. I've chosen for the latter.

In its environment Ouranosaurus served as food for the large crocodilomorph Sarcosuchus, and the spinosaur Suchomimus may have scavenged on its carcass. Such is life for a large herbivore.
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Awesome art style, looks like a comic strip.