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Jem and the Horrorgrams

Remember that terrible 80s cartoon Jem and the Holograms (I assume everyone already has forgotten the even more terrible movie remake/reboot a few years ago)? Well, after the demise of that series (because Jem dolls weren't selling anymore), the band rebranded themselves "Jem and the Horrorgrams" (dear goddess...) and attempted to produce some Deathrock (oh lord...). The experiment of course horribly failed, but they managed to take some promotional pictures, of which this is one.

Unfortunately, it didn't end well for the members of the band. Heroine, alcohol and meth destroyed the lives of the girls. Some of them even ended up in the porn industry...

Anyway, an idea which has been lying around for ages and finally managed to finish it. Thank the Goddess, because it's time to put this to rest. Sometimes what seems to be a good idea doesn't exactly work out in the end. This is one of those times.

Photoshop and Cintiq.
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Your very welcome 😌😄☺😊😎
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I know what Death 'n' Roll is, but WTF is deathrock??
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Basically America's answer to post-punk/goth rock in the late 70s/early 80s. Christian Death is probably the best known band.

But as a musical style it's rather ill-defined; it's more like a scene. Punk, but way more horror en darkness. Google-images or even a search here on dA will give you some interesting examples.
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Nah, I'll pass. I don't like ill-attempted mix of music. The name of the genre only makes me want to vomit. Deathrock? It's even worse than Crust punk and deathcore. What a bunch of freaks. Do you remember when the word 'freak' identified with rock 'n' roll and heavy/thrash metal? Like, 'long-haired freaks'? Yeah, back when that word meant a compliment to the rock and metal community.
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I for one who likes the cartoon, I do agree the movie was a totally crap.  

This is a cool pic. though the background is a little dark for my liking but the outfits rock. Kimber and Aja look outrageous ^_^ 

good work 
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Heh, let's just say I wasn't part of the audience this cartoon was targeted at. I remember lots of pink and terrible music. The stories themselves weren't half bad I guess, even when the cartoon was an obvious vehicle to sell toys. But then again, so was Transformers.

So... the characters are still recognizable. That's a good thing! Yeah, I really went over the top on this one.

Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate the viewpoint from a fan's perspective!
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I agree with your reply, That was the state of things in the 80's cartoons sold toys and it was successful to a certain point. 

the episodes were unique and I like the majority of them. 

I had to think on first view but yeah I recognized them ^_^ good designs for them too :)

and no problem for the comment ^_^
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