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Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis



Day 11 of Dinovember 2021

Youtube channel Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong! (YDAW) recently did an episode on this one... and I wish I had viewed it before I made this :lol:. Seriously, if you like dinosaurs and haven't seen YDAW yet, you really really should. It's awesome.

This genus, named after the rancher who discovered the first specimen in 1958 in Argentina, was one of the earliest dinosaurs from the fossil record. It's a basal saurischian, without being a sauropodomorph or theropod. It was a pretty big dinosaur, especially for the Triassic era: upto 6 meter long and weighing 350 kg. It was a lightly built carnivore, with sharp serated teeth. Its skull was rather archaic and resembles earlier archosaurs more than later dinosaurs. Which is probably the thing I got most wrong :lol:.

Digital sketch, Cintiq and CSP

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I had no idea Herrerasaurus was that big!