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Hey all~

I've been going through the motions with painting programs, & yesterday I decided to give Paint Tool SAI another go.
It seems that the version I have is missing features, I have no idea why, but it was restrictive, & frustrating.
UPDATE: As it turns out, newer versions of SAI don't have all the features (???) ...

Happily I did discover that there's a version 2 of Paint Tool SAI. I decided to give it a try, & so far so good!
It seems to have full features, & overall be a bit more clean & polished, I've barely used it yet, but I feel optimistic.
There doesn't seem to be a version available to purchase, but I found a download here >>> PAINT TOOL SAI VER2

Enjoy drawing everyone~

To make a request, comment on this journal >>> Make a request! (always open):star: Comment on this journal with requests/suggestions for art! :star:

 Make as many requests as you like. : )
 No guarantee, only if I have time, but I'll do my best!
  Provide Reference - the more the better.
Styles: Cell/Illustrated  Painterly  Pixel  Cutout
(If you don't specify a style, I'll do whatever~)
Thanks everyone!
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Thank you so much

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Hi there, I've tried to download it but, I don't got it working? Idk how to do this coding stuff so, I'm really confused on what to do.
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Go to this page >>>LINK<<<

Click the little download button at the top right.

Finally, follow the steps in the Youtube video to make it work.

*Alternatively, I now use an amazing drawing program called FireAlpaca which is totally FREE.
Get it >>>HERE<<<

Hope that helps. :star:
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It's aight now!
Both video's recommended that I redid the process if it didn't work the first time,
and it worked! Thanks tho!
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Thank you so much for this!
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