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:iconsleepystaceyart:SleepyStaceyArt posted a status
God dammit im gonna be doodling the off-colors all day aren't I? XD

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SkywardWarriorCG Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Student General Artist
Yas, do it. XD Man, the Diamonds are powerful!!! The power to poof or destabilize gems at their fingertips?!
popinat Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Student General Artist
Sameeeeeeee ;;w;;
That sapphy omg she's so cute and innocent.
The rutile twins are such a sweethearts I love them and they're so good!
My polyamorous caterpillar grandma is so precious
And the stressed mom rodhonite is made of love I want to protect them all and see them living happily on earth ;;;;w;;;;

Also Blue Zircon is my now my fav gem I must make sure she's okay :''') because she's my adorable anxious lawyer but she did a great job and she's so freaking smart omg, she's so brave to acuse the diamonds and she made great conclusions. Also green zircon is an ass licker sassy biatch but I love her too!!

Sorry I'm fangirling since yesterday ;;;w;;; Also protect my precious pink boy Lars, a true hero.
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