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So... I've made a pretty big decision with the help of some friends. 
I'm gonna be switching accounts.
It's not just one or two reasons why, but multiple. 
If you don't care about specifics, here's the new account SleepyShenanigans
And I'll be watching some of the people I am now, so if I miss you, let me know and I'll watch you again <3


So... for those who care...
here are the reasons why and leaving :iconsleepystaceyart:
I wrote the following part pretty late, sorry if it's just me rambling ^^;

1) Who I watch

This one is straight and to the point, I watch 1,010 people (no exaggeration) and it is impossible to clear notifications when I have thousands upon thousands of posts to skim through.

2) My Watchers

I've had this account for so long, and I am completely clueless on who of my watchers are active/care about me/my current art? Yeah I know some/a lot of people won't care about me personally, (I don't blame them, there are people I watch that I'm just like wait who are you again lol??) but I kinda want to at least know if they are active or not so I can expect how many actually follow my art and characters(maybe?) 

3) Personal Reasons (?)

I've had this account for almost 3 years now, and I'm kinda gonna miss it. I have a lot of memories on this account and I met so many good people on here. But I've been constantly worried about when/what I post on here, and it has made me not post anything at all. I have things to post, but I'm too worried someone is gonna be like "ok cool, but what about [insert thing I totally forgot about from like 2 years ago] you were gonna make for me??" I just want a fresh start, I guess. 

4) Old Art

This might be one of the biggest reasons why I'm transferring. It's a bit of a dilemma, because yeah, I could just delete my old art, but I also want to look back at it and go wth was I thinking?? This is trash?? But the problem with keeping old art is that people might see my old art rather than my new art and be like "oh, this is what their art looks like?? ew no ty" 
I mean C'MON look at this:
Garnet Digital Drawing!  by SleepyStaceyArt Pearl Drawing! Steven Universe. by SleepyStaceyArt
This looks like GARBAGE. I don't want people to think this is what 2019 me can draw. No thanks.

5) Myself Overall

Over the last (almost) three years, I've become more mature, learning how to handle situations better, and what to say and not to say. Sometimes I'll see some of my old messages, and go "I can't believe I actually said that." Also, I'm in a new school year, and I've pretty much had a different perspective on everything since I started (Well, not quite everything, but I've began to view some things differently that has drastically changed my mood about school). And what better way to start off the year than making a new account... in March... I'm a little late to this, aren't I...? Whoops...


Those are all the things I can think of in the middle of the night. I might add to this later if something else comes to mind later. Sorry if this is poorly written, I'm very tired but this isn't something I can procrastinate doing, considering how important this is. 
Remember to watch :iconsleepyshenanigans: if you want to keep seeing art from me, and I'll be posting some pokemon icons hopefully tomorrow! <3
Also, let me know if I need to rewatch you again, and I will asap! 

Thanks for reading and bye~!
Just a quick little journal, does anyone want to do an art trade?
Here are my characters so you know what you'd be drawing:…

let me know : )
I was looking in my favorites and I have adopted a bunch of adopts I never use anymore
I don't even draw my gem ocs anymore,,

You can choose almost any character from here:… (ignore asterisks, those are old and I'm too lazy to go back and change them tbh)
and here:… (don't comment on the post, I won't see it ^^;, though I'm sure that's obvious)

What you can offer:
PayPal, Points (Minimum 20, unless I got it for less or something and it has no extra art?), and art :)
What you can't offer: 
Characters (I won't use them, I'm sorry :')) or anything like that

If you're unsure, just ask :) (I don't bite, don't worry)

Off limits: (I never use them, but they will always be my babies <3)…

Even though everyone is up, besides the ones above, I am still slightly attached to some of them, so I might be less likely to give them away than others. If you are wondering how attached I am to a specific one, feel free to ask! <3

Hello everyone! I decided to do the Q&A meme, but I have no questions to answer xD

Here are all my characters but I'll have detailed descriptions below below :>

My characters:

B' (Blake)

Name: B' (Full Blake)
Age: 1,000,002 (He an old boi)
Gender: Male
Birthday: February, 14th
B' in a few words: Easily annoyed, mature, uptight, tidy, and over dramatic
Type of voice he would have: Somewhat high pitch adult male voice
Height: 6"4 perhaps?
Known languages: English and Kyueaian (Made up language by me)
Likes: Peace, traditional music, reasonable things
Dislikes: Messes, Rock or current day rap (I agree on the rap lmao), poor grammar
Hobbies: playing piano, cleaning, reading
S' (Best friends)
Henry/H' (Close-ish friends)
Steven (Friends)
Ivy (Acquaintances)
Prof E (Alive, Soon to be father in law)
Igetis' mom (Whoops she doesn't have a name atm rip)(Alive, Soon to be mother in law)
Parents (deceased)
Twin Sister (deceased-ish (long story))
Igetis: dating


Name: Igetis
Age: 999,999
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 6th
Igetis in a few words: Harsh and intimidating to those she doesn't know (and vise versa) but warm hearted and kind to those she cares about. Oh yeah, and very sarcastic.
Type of voice she would have: Lower pitched Female voice (a little British??)
Height: 6"9 (she tol gorl)
Known languages: English and Kyueaian (Made up language by me)
Likes: "hunting down the bad guy", figuring things out by herself, protecting others, video games
Dislikes: Work (sort of), Being alone (for long periods of time), small talk
Hobbies: Competitive fighting (a famous sport in Kunyumba Kingdom), Meditating, video games
S' (Best friends)
Henry/H' (Friends)
Steven (Friends)
Ivy (Acquaintances)
Q' (Work colleague)
Prof E (Father/Stranger)
Igetis' mom (Whoops she doesn't have a name atm rip)(Alive, Mother/enimes)
B' (dating)

S' (Shawn)

Name: S'
Age: 1,000,001
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 27th
S' in a few words: He's a very funny and loving guy. He can always make you feel better. He can be irresponsible or flat out lazy at times, but at other times, he can also be hardworking and dedicated.
Type of voice he would have: Low Pitch and "fruity" voice
Height: (From front "paws" to head) 3"
Known languages: English and Kyueaian (Made up language by me)
Likes: Annoying People (in a friendly way), Sleeping, making people happy
Dislikes: Being shut out, political things, Seeing people upset
Hobbies: Playing pranks, interrupting Igetis and B's kisses, playing video games
B' (Best Friends)
Igetis (Best friends)
Henry/H' (Good Friends)
Steven (Close Friends)
Ivy (Annoyance)
Q' (Dating)
Father (Alive, -)
Mother (Alive, -)

Name: Henry
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Birthday: Nov 2nd
Henry in a few words: He is the nicest boy, a bit of a pushover, and worries a lot about people. Often lost in thought.
Type of voice he would have: soft, medium-higher pitch, calming voice
Height: 5"3
Known languages: English
Likes: Drinking warm hot coco under a cozy blanket when it's snowing, playing video games, being with the ones he loves
Dislikes: loud noises, arguing, physical activity 
Hobbies: Video games, drawing, writing
S' (Friends)
Steven (Dating)
Igetis (Friends)
Ivy (Childhood friends)
B' (Close friends)
Mother (Not close)
Father (Not close)

Name: Ivy
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birthday: Dec 17th
Ivy in a few words: She's salty af, Probably lives in the r/wooosh subreddit (because she doesn't get many jokes), willing to protect her friends at any cost.
Type of voice she would have: Higher pitch, somewhat grating voice 
Height: 5"2
Known languages: English
Likes: Friends, Chilling at home, Watching Igetis fight
Dislikes: School, brushing her hair, jokes she doesn't understand
Hobbies: Weight lifting, using social media, editing videos
S' (Acquaintances)
Steven (Annoyances/Friends)
Igetis (Inspiration/Friends)
Henry (Childhood friends)
B' (Acquaintances)
Mother (Some what close)
Father (??)
Grandmother: (Close)

Name: Steven
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 12th
Steven in a few words: Know it all for the most part, and when he doesn't know something, he'll go all the way to figure it out
Type of voice he would have: fine, medium pitch, steady voice
Height: 5"2
Known languages: English
Likes: Knowing things, cozy days, having big meals
Dislikes: Being outsmarted, seeing his sister suffer, large crowds
Hobbies: Playing guitar, reading, predicting outcomes of things
S' (Close friends)
Henry/H' (Dating)
Igetis (Acquaintances)
Ivy (Annoyances/Friends)
B' (Acquaintances)
Mother (Alive, -)
Father (Deceased)
Sister (Close sibling)

This took way to long xD ^^;

Anyway thanks for reading :') Hope you ask a question or two! <3

Hi everyone!

I'm so so so sorry this took so long to end ;w;

But the results are finally in! <3

Let's not waste anymore time and get straight into the winners!

All entries, go watch everyone who submitted an entry, they are all amazing! <3…

(Just because you didn't win, doesn't mean I didn't like you entry, like I said, they are all amazing! <3)

2nd place prize!

Dibujo para un concurso by LaChicaVaga


¡Me gusta el dibujo mucho! Lo siento, me no hablo mucho español. Es mi primero año de español. ^^; Y no quiere usar google translate. xD Pero me gustan los colores y el fondo también! <3 ¡Es muy bien! :)


500 puntos
2 fullbodies
1 icon

1st place prize!

[CE] Steven by StingFang


This drawing really fits his character, since he is more serious and reads often! Everything about this just screams Steven <3 The colors and shading are beautiful, and it fits together nicely! ^^

You won:
1000 points
3 fullbodies
2 icons
1 shitpost doodle

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! All your entries were amazing, and I hope everyone has a great day! <3

Happy Thanksgiving! My Commissions are 50% Off until Sunday, November 25th 2018! <3

1 USD = 100 Points

More Complicated Backgrounds (Than Examples): +10 Points
Extra Characters: +Half the Base Price Per Character

Colored Sketch

Messy Lineart
10-20 Points
Sketch by SleepyStaceyArt

Flat Color

Bust: 25 Points
Half Body: 35 Points
Full Body: 45 Points
Flat w/ Line by SleepyStaceyArt

Cell Shaded:

Bust: 30 Points
Half Body: 40 Points
Full Body: 50 Points
Cell w/ Line by SleepyStaceyArt

Soft Shaded:

Bust: 30 Points
Half Body: 40 Points
Full Body: 50 Points
Soft w/ Lines by SleepyStaceyArt


The Price Really depends on complexity and the number of character, but the base price is 60 Points, but it might change.
Scene by SleepyStaceyArt


Feel free to attack me on Art Fight!!

I always attack back <3

Hi! I just wanted to let you all know that I'm extending the contest do to the lack of entries!

Woah I have 350 watchers?? Thank you all so much :D <3

I mean I already did a raffle and you guys said in a poll you were down for a contest so...

Let's start with the part everyone's most interested in. The prizes.

1st place prize

1000 points
3 fullbodies
2 icons
1 shitpost doodle

2nd place prize

500 points
2 fullbodies
1 icon

I'll add a third place if 10 entries are submitted

Alright here are the characters:
You can choose anyone but Q' (He isn't mine)

You can also find most of their refsheets on dA too (some of them have more info on the character)

Some things you might want to know:

They all exist within the same universe 

Henry and H' are the same person

Igetis and B' are a couple

E' is Igetis' dad

I might add more to this list, depending on if people ask me stuff

I will no longer be accepting entries after August 1st, NOW AUGUST 15TH, UNLESS you specifically tell me you're submitting something after. <3




(tysm owo)

Looking for Pride Commissions!! - OPEN

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 17, 2018, 7:29 PM

Hey guys so I'm looking for some

pride commissions of my little boy S'

S' ref

He's gay with this boy:

Q' ref

If you draw the two together, please 

be sure to tag @/deafangler (Q's


So here's what I've got to offer:

I have a total of 1,357 dA Points

And I've also got PayPal (Nothing

more than $20 per commission


I also can offer art if anyone's

interested in an art trade? I just

opened up a pride YCH

Pride Icon YCH - OPEN - CHEAP by SleepyStaceyArt


Gay boy icon by SleepyStaceyArt Ruby Pride Icon - FTU by SleepyStaceyArt Sapphire Pride Icon - FTU by SleepyStaceyArt Ych for Qiftren by SleepyStaceyArt Ych for laviden by SleepyStaceyArt Ych for Blueporl by SleepyStaceyArt

5 Point doodles - Closed

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 14, 2018, 5:41 PM

Im bored af and I just wanna doodle

warning they are kinda shitposty

just give me a character

and tell me if specifics 

or if you just want me to "surprise" you


S' is pretty damn sexy by SleepyStaceyArt
this works right? (Com) by SleepyStaceyArt

I spent way to much time on this omfg by SleepyStaceyArt

That moment there is a human (com) by SleepyStaceyArt
(But we all know the first one is the sexiest lmao)

slots: (Might add more depends tbh)

1. Palkachu (DONE)
2. ACluigiYoshi (DONE)
3. psychicallydelicate (DONE)
4.Blue Porl (DONE)
5. ACLuigiYoshi (DONE)
6.ACLuigiYoshi (DONE)
7.ACLuigiYoshi (DONE)
8.ACLuigiYoshi (DONE)
9.benjto (WORKING ON)

Art Trades - OPEN

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2018, 5:10 PM

I'm making a new commission journal because at this point, it's just a tradition.


Form for ordering a commission:

Username (don't tag yourself):

Broad category (Normal, Pixel etc.):

Specific category (Fullbody, halfbody, etc): 

Extra characters:

Background: Y or N

Commission details (Pose, expression etc.):


Payment: Points or PP

Other info that I need to know:

What I can do:

Can do:


Anthros/Furries etc

Detailed characters

Simple characters


Pretty much anything else, just ask

Can't/won't do:



Anything like that

Types of commissions available:

Bullet; Green = Open Bullet; Red = Closed Bullet; Yellow = Ask/Depends

Normal Commissions Bullet; Green 

Pixel Commissions Bullet; Green 

Animation Meme Commissions Bullet; Green 

Other Video Commissions Bullet; Green 

Customs Bullet; Red

Coding Commissions Bullet; Yellow 


(100 Blue Points = 1 USD)

Bullet; Green Normal Commissions Bullet; Green


Colored sketch (Messy lineart, lazy shading etc)
30 Points for halfbody like the one below
40 Points for a halfbody
Commission Example - Colored Sketch by SleepyStaceyArt

Bust (Bust shot, clean lineart, clean shading (if shaded) )
50 Points for flat color (1st Example)
60 Points for shaded (Cell shaded, 2nd example, or soft shaded, 3rd example)

Half the original price for each added character

Commission Example - Bust Flat Color by SleepyStaceyArtCommission Example - Bust Cell Shaded by SleepyStaceyArtCommission Example - Bust Soft Shaded by SleepyStaceyArt

Halfbody (Waist up, clean lineart, clean shaded, if there is shading)

70 Points for flat color (1st example)

80 Points for shaded (Cell shaded, 2nd example, or soft shaded, 3rd example)

Half the original price for each added character

Commission Example - Halfbody Flat Color by SleepyStaceyArtCommission Example - Halfbody Cell Shaded by SleepyStaceyArtCommission Example - Halfbody Soft Shaded by SleepyStaceyArt

Fullbody (Feet up, clean lineart, clean shaded, if there is shading)

90 Points for flat color (1st example)

100 Points for shaded (Cell shaded, 2nd example, or soft shaded, 3rd example)

Half the original price for each added character

Commission Example - Fullbody Flat Color by SleepyStaceyArtCommission Example - Fullbody Cell Shading by SleepyStaceyArtCommission Example - Fullbody Soft Shading by SleepyStaceyArt

Scene (Detailed drawing with complex background, complex shading etc.)

Price depends on complexity, amount of characters and etc.

Probably base price of 120 points? 

If you are ordering one of these, please be specific of with what you want

//cough it'll look better than this lmao //cough
Commission Example - Scene by SleepyStaceyArt

Digital painting (Detailed drawing made in a "painting" fashion.)

Very similar to scene to let's use a base price of 110 Points?

(This example is trash lmao)
Commission Example - Digital Painting by SleepyStaceyArt

Ref sheet (Front view, flat color white/transparent background, name, gender age, + other info on character)

90 Points for something like the following:

Ivy Ref (OC) by SleepyStaceyArtH' Refsheet (OC) by SleepyStaceyArt

Henry Ref (OC) by SleepyStaceyArt

Bullet; Green  Pixel Art Bullet; Green 

Icon (Pixel bust with background + cell shading)

70 Points

H' Icon (OC) by SleepyStaceyArtHenry Icon (OC) by SleepyStaceyArt

Pixel fullbody/Page doll (Pixel fullbody cell shading)

100 Points

Pixel Comm for Happy-Carrot by SleepyStaceyArt

Bullet; Green Animation Meme Commissions Bullet; Green 

It's pretty hard to price these so just ask for a quote <3 

I think the absolute minimum I would accept is 1000 Points (10 USD) for a very very very simple meme.

My animation memes:

(There's more on my youtube channel but those are my most recent ones as of 4/22/18)

Bullet; Green Other Video Commissions Bullet; Green 

Shitposts (Animatics to a skit or a joke song or something like that)

Minimum amount I'll take is like 700 Points (since less effort goes into these)

Editing (You make the frames, I put them to music and time them and add effects as requested)

Tbh I've never editting someone else's videos so I really don't know about a price on this one. We'll work around some kind of budget, or something)

Examples of my best editting (without having repeating examples, the 2 animation memes above are some of my best editing):

Bullet; Red Customs: Bullet; Red 

Custom designs:

It really depends on what you are wanting, complex, simple, etc. 

I'm not even gonna list examples rn because these are closed either way xD

Bullet; Yellow  Coding Commissions Bullet; Yellow 

Non-core code box (A code box for your page that is customized for non-core users) 

This is another one of the "depends on what you want" kinda price. 

Minimum 50 points.

Whoops no example atm ^^;

Core code box (A code box for your page that is customized for core users)  (Also StaceyU101 was more old username, just so there is no confusion ^^;)

Minimum 60 points.

Code Box Commission for NoIntegri-Tae by SleepyStaceyArtF2U Cagney Carnation Core Code Box by SleepyStaceyArt

Custom journal (Custom journal skins for core users, like this one I made!)

This one is really dependent on if you want premade images on the journal or if you want me to make art to go on the journal)

Base price is 60 points. 

Journal Skin for Cuberman3141! by SleepyStaceyArt DDLC Custom Journal by SleepyStaceyArt

Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day! <3

Some new Youtube vids-

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 5, 2018, 9:05 AM

I haven't really been active here b/c of youtube....

So uh,, go watch my new yt vids?? XD

and, ofc my child bowser


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 5, 2018, 8:12 AM




I'm looking for art of these babs:

Commissions I'm looking for:
Normal Comms/Art trades

Couples Comms/Art trades

Group Comms/Art Trades


I have 1,010 Points

I also have $22.47 In paypal to spend (potentially more)

I am NOT looking to spend most/all at once.

How many will I be taking?

Depends tbh. I'll most likely take all art trades, but the number Comms I accept will vary on price and how much I have left. It could be all, or none. Like I said, it really depends.

In your comment, please tell me what characters you are willing to draw, your price and art examples. <3

Thanks for reading! <3

Halfbody Commissions! OPEN!!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 29, 2018, 2:04 PM


it's ya boi

boi who wants to buy some commissions

So here's some examples:

AT with StarBURSTEDArt by SleepyStaceyArt Lil bab Igetis by SleepyStaceyArt

1.50 USD/150 Points for something like the one of the right

2 USD/200 Points for something like the one one the left

Note or comment if you want one


  • Listening to: Something edgy
  • Reading: Something Backwards (;D)
  • Watching: Something Edgy
  • Playing: DX OAML uoy no kcirt A (Anyone?)
  • Eating: Cold McDonald's fries
  • Drinking: Blood of my enemy

Pixels Commissions! (CHEAP + OPEN)

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 20, 2018, 3:09 PM

I don't wanna open normal comms rn so...

have some pixel comms

Pixel headshots

Personal Art 10 by SleepyStaceyArt Personal Art 11 by SleepyStaceyArt

Flat color: 30 Points/.30 USD

Full color: 50 Points/.50 USD


Personal Art 7 by SleepyStaceyArt Personal Art 8 by SleepyStaceyArt Personal Art 9 by SleepyStaceyArtRaffle Prize 3 for SimperSoul by SleepyStaceyArt
Ych for Cosmiplier by SleepyStaceyArtYch for SurrealSerialCereal by SleepyStaceyArt

100 Points/1 USD

Pixel fullbody/Pagedoll(?):

Custom bois for megashadowmew by SleepyStaceyArt

Open Gem Adopt! (WITH EXTRA ART!) by SleepyStaceyArt

Flat Color: 125 Points/1.25 USD

Full color: 150 Points/1.50 USD


Raffle Prize 1 for Cuberman3141 by SleepyStaceyArt


Journal Entry: Thu Mar 8, 2018, 1:30 PM


Do you like it? ;w;


Journal Entry: Thu Mar 8, 2018, 1:14 PM

Art Fight Refs

Raffle Winners!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2018, 1:00 PM

Hi! I am SO sorry, this is SO overdue...

However, no more waiting! Here's the winners:

First place:

1st Place by SleepyStaceyArt


You win:
  • 160 Points
  • 2 Fully shaded halfbodies
  • Animated Icon
  • Personalized Custom Box Code (Core + Non Core) OR Journal Skin with premade art attached

2nd place is...

2nd Place by SleepyStaceyArt



You win:

  • 95 Points
  • 1 Fully shaded halfbody
  • Chibi headshot
  • Still Icon

3rd is...

 3rd Place by SleepyStaceyArt



You win:

  • 20 Points
  • 2 flat color halfbodies



Journal Entry: Sat Feb 3, 2018, 5:17 PM

Hello everyone Sleepy here!

So, here's a little backstory on the situation. I am making playing pokemon star (a pokemon fanmade game) and I'm posting it on Yt! 

In my videos, I'm going to have this "layout" around the game that includes my pokemon team, etc. 

So I thought it'd be cute if my pokemon on my layout were in the pokemon Shuffle style. However, One of the pokemon on my team is a Poipole. And Poipole isn't in Pokemon Shuffle. So...


A mostly accurate headshot of the pokemon shuffle style of the Pokemon Poipole.

Pokemon Shuffle Style:


How much I can pay:

I currently have 1,002 Points (NOT GOING TO SPEND ALL OF IT)



I would also appreciate it if you could link other people's comms/Art trades(or etc?) as well or maybe share the journal?? :'D And if you do, Tysm!!! <3

Have a lovey day <3