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I'll be tabling at colossuscon solo and sakuracon with kaeryi  this month! So excited, but also so much prep to do >w<

Anyone else going to either of these? hehe
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i really want to go to sakura but the exchange rate is just so abysmal right now ;; plus travelling to the states right now is a little worrisome for me....
good luck with the cons tho!!! hope you sell lots!!
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Ahh yeah the exchange rate is soo unbalanced rn. I was just in Vancouver for a bit and did too much shopping lol. Totally understandable but wish you could make it!!
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ahh shopping in van is so fun! i'd like to the cat cafe there one day have you ever been? 
and i really hope i can make it one year ;;
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I'm allergic to cats ; m ;
I've only ever been to vancouver this once!!
it was super fun and the food was sooo good