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My commission slots are currently closed. If you'd like to be added to the wait list, comment below or send me a note. If you change your mind later you can be removed from the list. There is no obligation on your part. Style 1  Temporary Unavailable while I work on it Style 2 (Female Only) $40 USD (+$5-15 USD for complicated designs, super long hair, accessories, weapons, pets) Style 3 (Male or Female) $40 USD (+$5-15 USD for complicated designs, super long hair, accessories, weapons, pets) If you are interested, please be sure to read my Commission Terms of Service before proceeding. If you agree to these terms you can proc

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Watcher Subscription Giveaway [closed]

Update: Happy New YEaR~! Thank you everyone for commenting your awesome parts of last year, and best of luck in the coming new year~ Thank you guys for sticking with me still :) I'll be giving these automatically in a minute. So sorry if you didn't win ;__; ~ I wish i had more to give @__@;;~ thank you guys again~! :heart: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ update to remind followers who may not have seen this :3~ I'm reading through all the comments and there are a lot of positivity here, yay :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So....I haven't been here in foreverrr hahaha~ I finally caught dA during the holidays xD~ though I haven't done this in


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