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Majora's Mask

Cleaned up version of a sketch I did for Sketch Dailies. Majora's Mask is my absolute favorite Legend of Zelda game, I have played it far too many times to count. I wish it'd be re-released on the 3DS or something so I could play it with remastered graphics. I'll settle with pulling the 64 out of deep storage for now.

EDIT: my dream came true, majoras mask is coming out for the new 3ds. i cant wait to stare into the face of that murderous moon, in HD.

Link, Majora's Mask belong to Nintendo 
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Hmm. The style reminds me of Fran Bow somehow.
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"You're the bad guy, and when you're bad, you run. That's okay, right? Well then. Shall we play?"
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Majora: I spy with my eye a little fairy boy who will die!!! XD
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Wickedly awesome !!! XD  
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Majora: Wanna drugs?
Link: No! *tries to put Fierce Deity Mask*
Majora: But they're guu~d.

Lol actually I love this game, and I love your artwork, it's amazing, yet I couldn't resist Majora's Stalker expression xD
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Amazing!! Just finished my playthrough of Majora's Mask~ X3
Love the movement you captured; really great! *O*
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The expressions are wonderful~! Great job~!
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"Heh. Who knew the great hero of legend had head lice?"

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Wow I love links pose in this amazing job <333
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