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Howl by sleepymoogle Howl :iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 0 3 Memaw by sleepymoogle Memaw :iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 0 0 Collision by sleepymoogle Collision :iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 0 0 Alaskan Coastline by sleepymoogle Alaskan Coastline :iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 0 2 Still Life by sleepymoogle Still Life :iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 0 0
Untitled Sonnet
In days long ago, ancient past,
Were those who I wish to be,
They who with strong arm and line cast,
Fished the open torid sea.
And one year as they fished,
Did come a man who had not been,
He called for them to follow if they wished,
And he would make them fishers of men.
He who is eternal,
Gave to us his son,
To save us from the infernal,
Devilish unholy one.
Through his sacrafice we know,
In the end to heaven we will go.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 3 11
Sand Castle
In my fantasies i'm not lonely and my father is a hero.
In reality I play only with me and my father is a zero.
In my fantasies my mother loves me and alays holds me close.
In reality no one cares for me and my only friends are these ghosts.
And I don't want to be like my family, caring for no one else.
And I don't want to be their perfect proginy, i'll be me and no one else.
How I wish fantasy was reality, instead of this constant misery.
Surrounding myself with sand walls to fend off this hypocracy.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 3 0
Woke up two a.m. I can't sleep, insomnias setting in.
It's hard to say everythings alright when we just had another fight.
I think we've fallen again.
Will we ever make it to heaven?
Or are we falling again?
I just want to make it alright,
I'm tired of these lonely nights.
Turn on the t.v. rock song asking me to sing along.
Loud noises reminding me of our screaming and shouting wars.
I know i'm partially to blame but I can't let you say it's all my fault.
Why can't we see things eye to eye?
Instead of sleeping in different rooms at night.
My darling, my love I just want to hold you close.
But I think we've fallen again.
Yet if you'll take my hand,
I know we can make it to heaven.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 1 0
I've never felt so alone as I do in these crowded halls.
No one seems to feel my breath, no one hears my call.
Even in my classes I sit all by myself,
My desk is an island unto it's lonesome self.
But even though i'm an outcast, no one will come near.
I preffer this place to home, a house of pain and fear.
School didn't teach me the lessons learnt at home.
About how to hide the pain and never dodge the blows.
I wish I could be free, living out on my own.
Cause i've never felt so lonely as I do at home.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 1 0
Smoke and Mirriors
It's just smoke & mirrors in my life,
Someday someone will make me their trophy wife.
I strive to sucede, fight to make straight A's.
All in a vain struggle to avoid the pain.
But it's never enough, when I get home.
He still beats me, a tyrant on his petty throne.
Yet I, cover the bruises, hide the scars.
I will sucede, I will go far.
If only so I can escape this sickening fate.
But smoke & mirrors cloud the way,
I pray i'll make it to a brighter day.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 1 0
Everything was perfect as long as no one could see,
All the anger, hurt and despair stored up inside of me.
Everything was wonderful in our family,
We kept our bruises covered by wearing long sleeves.
Everyday was heaven and one could never tell,
That every single night was a living hell.
Everything was fine as long as we stayed in line;
No one could see us crying inside, behind our smiling faces we'd hide.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 0 2
Nameless Street
Dead leaves rustle across stained concrete side walks, pushed by a persistant moaning wind, to travel down a barren road lined with empty homes.
Old grey rotting trees stand a silent vigil over yards of decrepit grass, where once upon a time children used to play and laugh.
Broken windows, crying eyes of houses, shattered glass their frozen tears. Staring out at the desolate scene remembering the way things used to be.
Welcome to the nameless street where people used to smile and greet, each other in some other time, some other place but not here.
This empty place of forgotten dreams in the middle of nowhere.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 2 6
Ya Shosla S Uma Tribute
Can you please help me?
I think i'm going crazy.
Have I lost my mind?
I want something,
A place for you and me.
Yes i've lost my mind!
I want your love, need your love.
Only your love will work for me! (repeat)
This is not enough!
    It is not enough!
No, NO!
I'm sick of make believe,
I want you to want me.
Have I lost my mind?
No i'm not crazy!
I don't care what they think.
This is our time!
     This is our time!
I want your love, need your love.
Only your love will work for me!
        your love will work for me!
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 1 0
Wake the Winter
I want to wake the winter,
To see the falling snow.
Listen to the carrolling,
While watching the fire glow.
I want to wake the winter,
To feel the chill wind blow.
To share lots of gifts,
With all whom I know.
If I could wake the winter,
To spread lots of cheer.
I'd try to make it winter,
All through out the year.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 1 31
He walks alone all by himself, traveling the world with no body else.
He's well known been everywhere but he's not welcome, for him no one cares.
They call him a thief, it's him they despise yet they look away when he looks in their eyes. Sheperd of men, keeper of lives, he's been around since the dawn of time.
Some think he's cruel, some think he's mean.
I think he's gentle if he's anything.
Pale rider, Mortis is his name, his touch can drive men insane.
But when he comes for me i'll greet him with open arms.
Even death needs love from someone.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 3 7
I think i'm out to get myself it could be no one else.
I get the feeling that I might not like myself.
It's kind of scary when I look in the mirror all I see is me glaring back
And I think it's rather obvious, that I despise me...
With each passing day I wish that i'd just go away.
I find i'm very stubborn I hold my ground too much.
Yet when i'm wounded I  use myself for a crutch.
Yes I think I understand now why I hate me.
I'm not too satisfied with who I seem to be.
So i'll fight and struggle to change what I am.
Doing my very best to fix what I can.
Because in the end I think you'll see
that I truly am out to get me.
:iconsleepymoogle:sleepymoogle 1 7

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Joshua Gibbons
United States
Current Residence: Dothan, Alabama
Favourite genre of music: Anything and everything but gospel, punk and bad country music.
Shell of choice: Conch
Skin of choice: Well i'd say my own :)
Favourite cartoon character: Ed off of Cowboy Bebop
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  • Drinking: Water
Yea I worked pretty hard on my poems then lost the fire for awhile. I've been thinking and looking and quite frankly the poetry market just isn't a good thing for me to try and make a living off of. So I decided i'll be submitting all my works here and use my other energies to work on a fantasy trilogy.

Large Project that but if I can keep my head straight you might see a book of mine on the shelves someday who knows : /


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