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I like to fancy myself as a story teller. I write stories and create photo alters to fit with the story lines that I create for the New Chicago story lines which includes the Spirals Nightclub story lines and the N.C.U. Story lines.

Favourite Visual Artist
Mezzberry, Rotem, Zorro-Zero, Amazon-Arrow
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Star Trek, Pacific Rim, Down Periscope
Favourite TV Shows
The Clone Wars
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Too many to name.
Favourite Games
Anything but F.P.S. (no aim)
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Consoles (any)
Tools of the Trade
Pocket watch, Pendant, Wicked Imagination, Porn, Girlfriend's mind, Editors English abilities, Caffeine
Other Interests
Walks on the beach, Martial Arts, Teaching hypnosis, the complete blanking of a young woman's mind. Soup.
AI Images of Veo! A friend of mine over at HeroineArtAi did some really nice images of Veo, they are available on their home page, links below! Image 1 -> Image 2 -> Image 3 -> Image 4 -> Image 5 ->
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I've noticed over the years, the many, many, many, many years, that a lot of people don't really understand how hypnosis works in regards to whether or not the subject has control or the hypnotist has control. People are very passionate about this topic and honestly it is a very important topic to cover as it deals with safety of yourself and other people. Fortunately, hypnosis is not a mystery as it has been scientifically studied for quite a while, and we have a good understanding of what it can do... and what it cannot do. So here is how it works from an NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) certified hypnotist. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. What this means is that as a hypnotist, I have absolutely zero magical powers, or powers I exert over my subjects. What I have is a skill set. A set of knowledge resources that I use to help guide my subjects into hypnotizing themselves and using that state of mind for whatever reason they may want to use it for. Examples include self-help
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So... Deviant Arts new 'Eclipse' method of posting stories is completely horrible May have to change platforms
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Appreciate the watch!

thanks for watching!

oh you are the guy from MCSTORIES, nice stuff.

Hi, I just noticed that the comment you made on my story recently became hidden and I was wondering if you did that and, if so, what the reason was because I didn't have the chance to look up most of the other people you mentioned and wanted to.

I woudln't even know how to make a comment hidden, so it wasn't me.