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restful. | takumi
「 takumi x reader 」 drabble After a long day of strenuous training with Ryouma, all you wanted to do was sleep. Your muscles ached and your head was pounding; you could’ve sworn your body was covered head to toe in bruises. The walk to your quarters seemed to take forever. You trudged up the stairs and nearly face planted into the hardwood floor once you got inside. It was oddly quiet in the room as you peeled the armour from your body and slipped into a more comfortable attire. Usually your husband, Takumi, was right there to greet you if he wasn’t training as well. Sometimes he would surprise you with sweet ges
bear hide. | frederick [2/2]
「 frederick x fem!reader 」 A/N: please read the first part before continuing with this story. [link is in the description] Frederick had just about had enough of [Name]’s teasing for one day. There was no way she’d get away with it. He had gotten one too many prods to the behind to not do anything about it. His eyes narrowed watching [Name]’s fleeing figure in the distance. What would he possibly have to do to teach his wife a lesson? He hummed lightly and picked up the chopped wood, retreating back to the camp. On the way, he ran into his son.    “Morgan. Have you seen your mother?” he asked,
stars. | lapis lazuli
「 lapis lazuli x human!reader 」 Her bare azure toes curled into the sand as she let out a faint, pleasant sigh. Your [e/c] eyes skimmed over her softened blue features, her eyes twinkling in the light of the dazzling stars above.     “I can see why you like to come out here at night, [Name]. It’s… breathtaking…” Lapis’s voice was wistful and longing, her eyes locked with the view of outer-space… her homeworld. The air was still and calming, washing the scent of the sea water up your nostrils, tingling with your senses. You sighed along with her and smiled up at the stars against the
whimsical. | child!henry
「 child!henry x child!reader 」 The papery blue wings of the creature tickled the bridge of your nose, its barely perceptible tiny legs landing on the tip. A giggle escaped your parted lips as you held out a small finger for the butterfly to perch upon delicately.     “Isn’t it beautiful, Henry? It’s just… living.” you sighed wistfully and set the creature free with a slight puff of air from your lips. The boy turned to you with a woven crown of lilies and some odd wildflowers in his small white hands. He smiled with his eyes squeezed closed and placed the crown atop your (h/c) locks.     &#822
clock. | kyoko sakura
 「 kyoko sakura x fem!reader 」 Crimson liquid seeped from underneath her mangled limbs, her dress stained with the peculiar dark shade. Her breaths were hitched and shaky, quick and laboured. She could barely perceive what was in front of her, barely hear the strangled cries and shouting. You’re dying… You’re dying… You’re dying… You’re dead. The numbing of her body came slowly, started from her toes all the way up to her shoulders. Nothing could move. She couldn't move. Why did she have a sudden impulse to sleep? She could hear her heartbeat slow in her chest, the faint palpitations
kiss it better. | yuu kashima
「 yuu kashima x fem!reader 」     “Oww!!”     “I’m sorry, Yuu-chan… I know it hurts, but it’ll be over before you know it!” The cheery tones of the smaller girl’s voice were of no help to the prince. With small nimble fingers, she applied gentle pressure to the bruising cut on Kashima’s jaw. [Name] was always the one to patch up her girlfriend’s injuries, usually caused by her strict upperclassman. The prince of the school kicked her legs to distract herself from the sting as [Name] dabbed some antiseptic on the affected area. “Owie…” Kashima hiss
rain dance. | olivia
「 olivia x fem!reader 」 The scent of fresh rain drops mingled with the hot pavement. A frown etched onto your lips, seeing a perfectly good summer day spoiled by the sheets of rain, pouring down angrily onto the plush green fields. You cupped your chin in your palm, a sigh puffing from your parted lips. The coziness of your humble abode was always nice, but a bit of a let-down when you wanted to get outside and enjoy what the summer had to offer. “[N-Name]?” Olivia’s small hand brushed your shoulder, her voice sounding barely above a whisper. “You seem sad… I-is something wrong?” Hearing
touch. | asahi azumane
「 asahi azumane x mute!reader 」 Actions speak louder than words. Your nimble fingers ran over his stubbly chin, your lips pursed in a thin straight line. He loved the way your fingers caressed every crevice and crease of his face. He sighed softly, his eyes fluttering closed. Worried, you jerked your hand back from his cheek and looked at him, your gentle (e/c) orbs boring into his.     “H-hey, don’t worry… You’re just making me sleepy,” he murmured and pulled you on top of his chest. You nodded in return and let your digits return to roaming his face, tracing every line carefully with gentle p
sweet dreams. | yuu nishinoya
「 yuu nishinoya x reader 」    “[Name]-saaan.” Yuu groaned and flopped down on the plush surface of your mattress, his limbs splaying out all over your comforter as he sighed in bliss. Recently, you had noticed how unbelievably tired he had been. Noya even had the audacity to fall asleep during class. The deep mauve crescents under his chestnut eyes were starting to prove your hunch: he wasn’t getting enough sleep. You walked over to your bed and sat on the unoccupied side, pulling out your homework and your “lucky” pencil to get to work. The whole purpose of him coming over to your home was to f
fairy tale. | yandere!henry [au]
「 yandere!henry x reader  」 soulmate!AU where the name of their soulmate is tattooed on their wrist.    [Name] [Last Name]… [Name] [Last Name]… [Name] [Last Name]… His pronunciations of your name droned out with his repetition. After years of seeing the letters, cursively written on the inside of his wrist, he found himself at the point of obsession. You were like his drug, his core, the reason he was alive. Henry’s pale fingers encircled your forearm in a swift motion. He pulled you into the cage of his arms and held you tightly, enabling your movement as he took in your sickeningly sweet scent. He
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happy birthday hylian-san (is that what I called you?)! I can't find your tumblr anymore so I decided to just tell you here. I hope you see it <3 I hope your day was great!
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Happy Birthday! 🎁🎂🎉🎊🎈 I’m sorry I missed it. 

Love you!
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God grant us many blessed and safe years~ <3
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Hai qwq It's Briiii
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sasha eats butt
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u r a hoe
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