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Big Outcasts design update!
As Shiwa-a-dreamer and I worked on the story and 4 main characters, we started to move away from the original idea of this group of outcasts being made up of different races. They were to represent diversity and unity and I loved that about them. Orignially, Mizu was a beast, David was a demon (still is but he was quite different to the way he is now), Sleepy (Kaida in this au) was a mermaid, then a fire demon, and Shiwa was an Angel.

Eventually, Everyone ended up being a demon and while they were still very different, it didn't feel right for the main cast of characters to be limited to one race when there are so many in this au. We changed the characters to make them all different again and I'm really happy with it.

In order from left to right:

Mizu is now a waterspirit (or has been possessed by one). He has gills and fins which help him swim underwater.

David is still a one winged demon but he has more demonic horns where the last ones looked more dragon-like.

Kaida is now a dragon, she's very similar to her previous fire demon version but she can turn into a dragon form now and her backstory is a little different. Her other abilities are pretty much the same.

Shiwa hasn't changed race or backstory wise but her design and colours have changed.
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Hey, I just recently discovered you and your art, and I'd just like to say that it's absolutely stunning. During these few months, I've been looking for someone to draw a character (Shooga) for me, and well, out of all the other people and their art, I loved yours the most. If you could, it'd mean a lot. Thanks. <3 ^.^
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All ur characters designs are just stunning howww?!?
paul-rosenkavalier's avatar
Lovely character designs!  :)
TheCranburryQueen's avatar
I love them all aaaaa !!!
Tranquilerin's avatar
These looks simply awesome and your artstyle looks so good (=✪ᆽ✪=)
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Very good work!
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This is very nice♡

But I feel long the faces look the same tbh. On That then that amazing work
absolutely stunning work!!

I Applaud you!
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THe third one is my favorite, they all look awsome~
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ohmygod i love this so much??
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i want to hug the grey one so much.
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Really cool and beautiful designs on the characters. When I first saw them, they made one think of satyrs. The lightness of their facial shapes and their pallor gives them an otherworldly and supernatural look and feel. Great work! 
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love the colours my dude
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its a gradient 
Faint-Jeewas's avatar
All of them are so pretty! >w<
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These are such beautiful character desings! They look so gothic and interesing. I'm glad to see such quality art on the deviantart populars page
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I love this soft style!
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very intriguing story! 
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Please don't advertise, I'm sure they don't appreciate that (not confirmed)! 
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Wish I could make that much a month...
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