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Merry Christmas

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Published: December 25, 2004
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I had been wanting to join DA for a while now, and well, why not do it at christmas?
Heh, I'm still beginning. This is the second time I've finished something on photoshop....
Well, here it is........

Merry Christmas everybody!

[Ok, let's edit this silly thing]
heh, well, I spent a long time on this..... pretty much nonstop.... I don't even know how long it took, all I know is that the sun was up when I started it, and it was night when I finished it..... When I drew it on pencil, it took FOREVER. That pose is harder than it looks (to me anyway, and mabye some of you, but who knows.... I know a bunch of u guys are better than me) hehe, doesn't it look like the snow will fall off the roof? I think I overdid it ^^;; Hopefully she doesn't fall, 'cuz there's a good chance of falling when you're on the edge of the roof like that, dontcha think? Aaanyway, I know some of the shading seems misplaced/nonexistent, but hey, at least I tried, no? hehe, hopefully this DA account will make me draw more often.... I never seem to do that anymore.....

Anyway, again..... Merry Christmas!
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MisterCat Photographer
Cute face, great hair, nice pose, it's all there!


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SleepyDoodlerHobbyist General Artist
haha, 2 years later, and I'm still getting comments here.

Thanks! ^^
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sweeet i like the coloring it's awsome !!!!!!!!!!
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SleepyDoodlerHobbyist General Artist
haha, wow, considering I drew this last year... thanks! ^^
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i think its awsome!!!!
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Waiiii~!!! This is so pretty! I love the soft colors and detailed background *_*!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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SleepyDoodlerHobbyist General Artist
Aaa.... thaaaaank you, arigaato, graciaaaas, salaaaamat~ eheh, thank you in 4 different languages! XD I enjoyed doing the bg on this, despite me thinking that I overdid the poofyness of the snow, lol. Really glad you liked it! ^^
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StarEevee Writer
Beautiful. :D This is one nice piece, lad. I really love the boots; you did a great job on those. :D

The background seems just a teeny touch too blurred; if one focuses on it a certain way, it actually looks like the background rather than the house she's sitting on. :XD: No big deal, though.
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SleepyDoodlerHobbyist General Artist
Hehe, yeah... the reason why i do that is because, from past experience, my backgrounds sometimes tend to overpower the foreground... (I'm one of the few that enjoys drawing backgrounds)just trying to find the right balance ^^
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jamukoHobbyist Digital Artist
Whee~ the pose is good!! It would definitely be hard for me to draw that, yes. ^^; Hehe, she must be cold in the snow with her arms and legs exposed like that... XD

Good job~ X3 and merry Christmas! At least, what's left of it. ^^ii And the rest of the break. :3
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SleepyDoodlerHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, she would be cold, huh? Hehe, originally, it was supposed to be pants, but I couldn't seem to make the clothes "match". So there's the skirt. ^^ With those little bells, too.

And poses.... geez.... all the poses i think up on things like this end up being so hard... even the ones i orignally believe to be simple.... lol ^^;

And i did have a good break... *waits for inter-semester break* yay. finals. then break. YAY!! w00t!!! I hope to get my website up....
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I really like this, I am so envious that you can use photoshop!!!
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