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trade pokefusions

for Claire-Cooper <3 <3 <3 <3 

Lunala x Vaporeon

Milotic x Shiny Sylveon

Pyroar (Male) x Meganium

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do you take pokefusion customs?

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I do !! Those will be open also along with furry and pony customs when I'm open this summer:3

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Hmm I'll say 25 - 2500pts to 50 -5000pts depending they are how many you want plus legends and mystical. I gotta make a chart right down the chart before I open or add on to my comm chart 3

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ooh awesome! what are your prices like?

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Omg those are gorgeous I adore all of them

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Omg. I am jealos. These look fricking gorgeos.

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the Lunala x Vaporeon design needs to become a thing in Pokemon for real. It's so cool!

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Vaporeon/Lunala and Meganium/Male Pyroar are definitely my favorites

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These are absolutely beautiful <3<3<3

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oo number 1 looks soo good

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Yooo! Those are some beautiful fusions! <3

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