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I've never done a critique kind of thing before so let's see how this turns out. I like how it is generic but expensive, but also has a...


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Angel M. Rea
Artist | Traditional Art
Because I was tagged by :iconerika-zayenna:   and that never really happens to me, I'm doing this.

Her questions, my answers~

1) Hello! How's your year been so far?
The past 2 months have been too hot for my taste, but otherwise I think I've been doing alright xP

2) Satisfying or not yet?

Still working on a couple goals but otherwise yeah.

3) What projects do you have in store?

I've been working on drafts for a comic using these characters:  Halloween Drawing 2017 by Sleepy17
I have dozens of pages of notes and drawings all the way to rough drafts of the panels. It's my goal to have 1 chapter ready by Halloween, although that's making my facebook/Twitter/Deviantart pages pretty inactive as a result = )

4) What dreams do you have and how close are you to accomplishing them?
Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a cartoon artist, but I don't have proper business sense and I still keep drawing traditionally when I should be doing digital...

5) More of a cat or dog lover?
Cats, but not by much.

6) Like to travel?
I have barely ever traveled far from home, but when I've gone anywhere, it has always been great.

7) How often do you produce art?
Every 1 or 2 weeks on average. 

8) How many series do you follow?
I kind of follow "Steven Universe", "Star vs the Forces of Evil", "The Amazing World of Gumball", and "Miraculous Ladybug" in terms of cartoons. While waiting for "Owl house", "Infinity Train", and "Amphibia" next year. Ongoing webcomic titles I read are probably much more obscure but: "Cucumber Quest", "Harpy Gee", "Apricot Cookies", "In-Security", "Unfamiliar".
Manga: "One Piece", "The Promised Neverland", "Dr Stone", "My Hero Academia", "One Punch Man", and a ton of stuff that rarely ever updates like "The Demon Lord is a Part Timer".

Anime: I'm not watching anything ever since Dragon Ball Super ended. Last anime I watched that isn't a long running series was "A Place Farther than the Universe".

I've been watching Doug episodes lately too. IDK why I suddenly felt like looking it up xD

9) How would you feel if all of the nature and animals disappeared from the face of the Earth?
That'd most likely be fatal for us as a species so I'd feel distressed up until I died xD

10) How would you feel at the idea of living on another planet?
A bit too far from everyone and everything I know for my taste, but depending on circumstances it could be interesting.

11) On a less serious note... do you know how to cook? Because I still can't x'D
I sure can cook stuff up. I also can bake pie which is one of my favorite things during November.

12) Something you want to say before ending?
I'm good. Can't think of extra notes.

- - - - -

12 tags is what follows~
The following questions are for the tagged people.

1) How's your day so far?
2) What's one food you don't like?
3) What series do you follow (yes I'm copying this question)?
4) What's your favorite holiday?
5) Do you share your art at any other pages besides DA?
6) Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
7) How comfortable are you at high places?
8) Gimme a series (comic, cartoon, anime, etc) that you'd recommend xP
9) What do you think of spicy food?
10) Tea, Coffee, or do you prefer something else (and what)?
11) Do you have any plans this October? 
12) For those that follow me, what in particular do you like from my drawings? I ask this because my gallery is not consistent on what it makes fanart of, among other things xD

:iconjnredmon: :iconxstutzx: :iconkira-4k: :iconerika-zayenna: :iconsuperblooman: :iconasterrmon259: :iconluiguiboy: :iconinfinityvoid: :icongaiaxy-gazer: :iconmixnmash: :iconshinobi-gambu:

I'm sorry, I'll have to leave it at 11 tags. I don't have another contact that I know to be active and that they'd watch me ^^"
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