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Pink Pixel Hearts - Google Chrome Theme



Google doesn't allow drag and drop .crx files (themes) anymore for security reasons, so you have to get my themes directly from the Chrome Web Store (for free)!

$2.00 optional donation ("Buy Premium download" button above)


Highest resolution supported: Fits ALL screen resolutions - background are infinitely tiled.

Theme not installed anymore: Check that you're signed into the same Google account that you originally installed the theme on

Reset to default theme: Settings icon > Settings > Appearance > Reset to default

Theme won't install: Download and run the official Chrome Cleanup Tool and try installing again.

Still having problems? Email me! ✉ツ

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I love this theme!! I'm using it rn on my chrome : )
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Thank you so much! (:
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I love this holy moly. I'm currently saving up points -w- don't worry! I put this in my favorites so I'll buy it later <3
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Thank you very much! :eager:
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Thank YOU for making this cutie I Love You Emote Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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Thank you very much! ^_^
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My google chrome eliminated the theme c: how I put it back?
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Try going to the Chrome Web Store link and reinstalling -…
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It appears: Price not available :/
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Oh, odd. )):

If you're buying from the Chrome Store, make sure you're using Google Chrome and you're signed into a Google account.

If you're buying directly from the deviation, make sure you're signed into a deviantART account.

Please try those things first then get back to me and let me know if it worked or not. :hug:
Help!!!!!  I had the pink pixel hearts theme as my background but I accidently reset and now it's gone!!!  Please, please, please help me put it back.  I went to the page as you mentioned below but it says that page no longer exist :(
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The link works okay for me.
no, this is the link for the free version but it no longer works
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There is no free version
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i love this theme so much!! i have it on my chrome!! ;u;
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I love your theme! I'm using it right now on my Google Chrome, it's amazing! :3
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Thanks for the Theme! It's my new fave! Been looking for a good pink theme for a while...
I was wondering if I could use the background for tumblr/Twitch? Otherwise, it's super cute and I already use it for google chrome! 
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Thank you so much!! I love this theme, it is so adorable but simple, so I won't get overwhelmed. It's awesome!! :D
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