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Happy Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper 1920x1080

This wallpaper is made to fit size 1920x1080 screens

Hey guys! Happy October and Happy Halloween! :pumpkin:
I hope you like this cute and simple halloween wallpaper (:

I used the pumpkin from vecvex's halloween wallpaper

Halloween Pixel Pumpkins - Custom Box Background by Sleepy-Stardust Halloween Pixel Pumpkins - Google Chrome Theme by Sleepy-Stardust Trick or Treat Halloween Wallpaper 1920x1080 by Sleepy-Stardust Cute Halloween Pumpkin Cursor by Sleepy-Stardust
The Ghost Girl of Sarens PeakShe was cruising along with her mother on the empty roadway in the passenger seat of the car when her eyes caught a glimpse of something up ahead in one of the houses to her right. It looked like a girl about her age was looking out the top story window of a particularly peculiar looking house.
Her brows furrowed as she thought about it a moment. Why did she think someone looking out their window was something out of the ordinary? Maybe because here the houses were spooky looking and vacant. Yes, definitely vacant; some had peeling paint, looking old and worn, others had broken windows, missing shingles, fallen shutters. None of them had any cars parked anywhere near them.
"Which neighborhood are we in" she asked her mother. She didn't remember ever going this route before.
"I believe it's called Sarens Peak."
"That's an odd name. Does anyone live here?"
"Oh, no" her mother said, "this whole neighborhood is vacant, that's why I picked it to drive down since the traffic is so bad today.
SacrificeWe're bound by the spell that the Devil handmade
We should have stayed where it was safe
Away from the hellish ceremony
Where they burned the creature at the stake
That was where the sacrifice was made
To the prince of the Earth himself
And our minds will soon decay
Just like the evil we saw made
We didn't mean to partake
But now it's over
And we're done for
And we stand here
Waiting for the summoned demon
To be let free from his eternal hellbound cage

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