24th of June, 2010. Amazing news...

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For all of you who care, today, the 24th of June, 2010, the first ever female Prime Minister of Australia has just sworn in to be the 27th Prime minister.

Julia Gillard is now the Prime minister of Australia after the Labor party had lost confidence in now the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

I just felt like sharing this... it may seem like a huge occation... but it happened really fast. Only about a yesterday was Julia Gillard challenging Kevin Rudd's leadership, and now she's the Prime Minister.

So yeah, the party in which Rudd had lead into victory had kinda abandoned him, so even people who didn't really support him (Err like me) can't help to feel pity for the now back bencher.

I reckon it'll be interesting as the 2010 election is coming up soon, and though Gillard's achievement as the first female Prime Minister IS pretty awesome... I dunno if the people would like it... I mean it wasn't her that lead the party to power. Then again, she's going to have to show us why she's the woman in power now...

Now if only I could vote...


Well, exams are over and I'm starting to get them back, which is nice :D And new semester next week, so new subjects and all :D :D :D Starting Art next term, which is awesome :D AnotherImpossibility and I are in the same class, but some other UBER drawers are too... And yes I WILL BE INTIMIDATED.

Oh yeah, I did blitz the exams I've gotten back so far... I dunno the ones I havn't gotten back, obviously. And holidays are coming up, and I do plan to draw some more then.

On a different note, I've started playing FFV and FFVI again. Man they are really good (FFVI for its awesome story, and FFV for its fun and deep gameplay).

Anyhow, if I have forgotten to do something or owe people something, please remind me :)
AND DONATIONS! If anyone has any spare points, please, be a part of the OVER 9000! donation box. Yeah it'll never succeed, but IT'LL BE FUN TO DO!

-Give art gift to leelloor (Whoops I forgot)
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Well that's all for now :) Remember to smile :D


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Hmm... Just wondering, but do you prefer Gillard or the hypocritical, lying piece of shit (aka Abbott)?
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I dunno really now, and by the way, stop swearing.
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Oh, and i would've given you credits for the over 9000 thingy, but i cant be fucked spending any money on you coz i have no respect for you what so ever.... jks jks i lov u hun... ok that was a bit creepy...
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sorry if ur a gillard lover or anything BUT.....
OMG its all thats on the radio out here and im soooo sick of her boring speeches and her bogan accent. i mean sure, she's better than Rudd, but she's so.... boring.... and all she ever goes on about is how working australians deserve the best e.c.t (not as bad as Rudd's farewell speech- "i am proud of the fact that......") but still. i mean- whoo we now have a female PM, yippee for us females, but really. i'm sooooo sick of it.
Sorry to anyone who is a Gillard fan, i just had to share my opinion :)
and it did happen extremely quick...

oh yeah and im nearly in Adelaide :D
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Yeah I'm not a big supporter for the government, just yay a female prime minister; an achievement. Seemed a little... back stabbing like, but hey... a female prime minister.

Hahahah bogan accent :D

Still, I feel kinda sorry for Rudd... getting kicked out like that (Or as the media has said "Politically assasinated")
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i thought i already replied to this D: damn computer...
anywhoo yes should b in adelaide by mon, gillard is the ultimate bogan, and LOL politically assasinated XD :rofl:
Sleepy-phoenix's avatar
You had replied already :P Bahahah

Meow meow meow :)
RobertaRose's avatar
LOL politically assasinated XD i like that XD
yeah should be in Adeliaide by mon. :D
Gillard is such a bogan :S
Sleepy-phoenix's avatar
Hahah you replied twice... But oh wells :D

Woo Adelaide :D Adelaide is the only city that has balls... Mall's balls.
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lol in SA now. coming to Adelaide tomorrow. at Tailem Bend atm. lol time zones ftw. imma time traveller!! :D
Sleepy-phoenix's avatar
Yeah you can go forwards in time... backwards in time...

Fun fun fun :D
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what is there to do in Adelaide? there atm. parentals wondering what there is to do. lots of good bakerys... :P
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Hahaha what IS there to do in Adelaide... Nothing much really.

Go to the beach... to rundle mall... maybe to barossa valley... stuff like that...
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Wow, I heard. Great news for Australia! :D
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AND...AND...SHE'S A RED HEAD! :thumbsup:
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Oh yeah... OMG *Insert racist joke here* Then say jokes jokes...
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