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"I can finally say it.... I love you"
"... Me too..."

~Sakura and Syaoran about to live again ~ (Yes it sounds odd. Read Tsubasa reservoir chronicles; it's good :D)

This is for :iconsally78:'s contest.

SakuraxSyaoran from Tsubasa reservoir chronicles (Based on the characters from Cardcaptor Sakura)

If you really want to know this is when clone Syaoran is going over the fact that he had done many "sinful" things (Even though someone WAS controlling him), and that he shouldn't live again.

I liked what I did with this drawing (Especially the background). It took me a while. I first sketched it on PaintSAI, did the actual outline, coloured the base colour and then exported it to Photoshop to shade and make the background.

Sakura and Syaoran are characters from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (And by extension CardCaptor Sakura and xxxHolic) and are owned by CLAMP. I do not own these characters in any way.

Download the full view please :)

Do not reproduce, edit, upload, steal, publish, transfer in any way without my permission (Just don't do anything that means claiming it for yourself, okay?)
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I was trying not to tear up when i read this part :< soo sad
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Just found this. So beautiful.
;A; I was so sad when Sakura couldn't remember him at all when they were getting her feathers. That was a heartbreaking moment.
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Thank you :)

And that was very sad :( But its a good manga :D
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I've only read the first manga but I've watched the anime entirely.
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Oh okay...

Personally I like manga better than anime, cause I think anime takes too long to watch. And the manga is usually the origianl product.
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I completely agree with you.
I was reading my friend's copies though and she didn't bring the 2nd and 3rd books. So I was really comfused.
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Hahaha... Well it is confusing reading through while having a large gap between your reading...
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Yeah, so I had to rely on the anime to get me up to speed. :/ It was a bit of a pain though.
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Yeah I see what you mean...

Anime takes forever... especially like Dragon Ball, where they spend 3 episodes charging up a move. And then 2 episodes using it.
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your drawing and very cute :aww:
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You are welcome :aww:
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That is so cute. I love it. Keep up the good work.
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Thank you :D And thanks for the watch too :D :D :D
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The colouring is really good, and I really like the nice simple background too!
Your anatomy isn't too bad, but I suggest you define their arms a bit more.
It's really awesome!
Keep up the good work! <3
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Thank you :D

And okay... ARMS. Time to either a) Make them look better, or b) Not draw them. :D

Thanks for the advice :D
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Just keep practicing! ;D
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I shall :D :D :D

Thank you :D
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aww.. that's cute your icon, is that TAI?? like, from 1ssn digimon?
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Thank you :D :D :D

Err... no actually... My dp is me; I made it for a program called RPG maker, and thats the face I use for myself. :)
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TRC ROCKS!!! gosh and this is adorable!! ^-^
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Thank you so much :D :hug:
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..if i ony think about trc, my head starts spinning... xO *story is toooo complicated for me* ..
but you did a really good job! this is sooooo cuuuute x3x3
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