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2000 pageviews: THE FACTS

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Yay I have 2000 pageviews :D Thank you for all those people who viewed my pages and art :D

Still I have alot more people looking at me than my art... Am I really that awesome? (Or is it that my art just isn't that great... I prefer thinking the former one is right)

That little bubble person is me (As you should of known since the 1000th pageview facts). I love drawing myself like that... Brings back memories of being young. Well younger anyway.

And THANK YOU for reading this, watching me, or just viewing my pictures/user page. And if you ARE reading this, you must watch me or else your guilt will travel with you forever and be smited by an ALL MIGHTY SMITER. (This has been copied from the last 1000th pageviews facts)

I realise I watch almost 3 times as more than they watch me. Bah oh well :)

Thanks for reading this page and thank all of you who have been looking at my art and liking it and commenting etc. And being nice too :D

Oh and thank you :iconxx-tegansarafan-xx: for catching my 2000th pageview :D.

This is a picture taken of the DeviantART statistics page. It is the normal version and not the premium one (Because I'm poor and I refuse to pay for anything cause I'm also stingy). Obviously no one would WANT to copy this and claim it for their own because it is about ME... but just in case, for legal reasons (COUGH) DO NO STEAL MY WORK OF BRILLIANT (Cough) ART!

Ian :) man :iconsleepy-phoenix: ~Sleepy-phoenix :)
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Haha that was a while ago... but thanks anyway :D
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no problem ^_^
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Congratulation! :D
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:D And I'm pleased to say I caught it! Muahahaha!! And congrats on the page views, yaddah yaddah yaddah.

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Thank you :D :D :D


+ Yay

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yay! congrats phoenix! :icondancedanceplz:
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too much writing. cbf reading.
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