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Hey everyone! So I am temporarily starting up commissions after a long hiatus. I think this will be a great way to keep me busy during the holidays, and help my digital art skills. I think it'll also help me to engage with the community a little better.

In order to help prevent me from burning out though, I'm going to suggest commissioning a single character drawing for now. Drawings with two or more characters take significantly more time to make, and there's no way I can charge such a low amount for it. If you strongly desire a drawing with two characters, message me and we'll negotiate a price.

If you really like bondage art, this is a great way to see some new art of your favorite character in peril. In your commission request, please provide as many details as possible: costume, pose, peril type, reference pics, etc.

As for the price, I'm shooting for $35 (and I'm going to ask you pay my PayPal fees too ^__^). This is higher than in the past obviously, but it's a reflection of better art quality and a more involved drawing process. Believe me, if you saw the amount of work drawing takes, you would think this is a steal. And it is.

My plan is to do this until I get tired of drawing, which I estimate to be around end of January. My capacity is maybe around 4 drawings at a time. 

Feel free to ask me any questions.


==== Commission Basics ====
Payment method: PayPal

Contact method:, Twitter (sleepycomics
You can also send me a deviantArt note, but I sometimes don't see them in time. E-mail and Twitter are the fastest.

Price: $35 USD + PayPal fees = $37 USD 
Payment is expected in full before I start work. If for some reason I am unable to fulfill the commission, you will get a full refund. 

Content: Single character, minimal background, colored and shaded.
If you want two or more characters, I'm open to it, but let's negotiate a price because there's a lot of variability. 

Will not draw: nudity, pornographic scenes, or anything I find objectionable. 

You will receive: high resolution JPEGs, no watermark, three versions (Line art, flat colors and shaded). You are allowed to post it wherever. I may also post a version in my gallery.

Turnaround time: usually 5 days, but can be up to two weeks if I get busy. But I work pretty fast, so you'll get the finished art sooner rather than later. 

Example art:

Mature Content

Commission - Zatanna 'New 52' Bondage by sleepy-comics

Mature Content

Sailor Mars Bound and Gagged - Full by sleepy-comics

Mature Content

Totally Spies - Britney Tied up by sleepy-comics

==== Current Status ====
Taking a short break until January 
Time flies so fast.  I can't believe 2013 is coming to an end.  I did a count, and I only drew about 16 pieces this year.  That's largely a consequence of my situation.  I ended up finding a full time job around May of this year.  That pretty much sucked all my time from art.  To get my latest Supergirl piece up, I had to really fight to find time.  It paid off handsomely!

Looking back, my favorite piece this year is Sailor Neptune and Uranus Peril -  Wow, that one took a lot of effort.  Scenes like that are hard to top.  

I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to make more art.  I'm disappointed that I haven't updated as much either.  But this is no time to sit around and feel bad about myself.  I realize that I have limited time on this Earth, and I need to start taking action if I want to leave an amazing legacy of work.

I have some renewed confidence in my digital art abilities.  When 2014 rolls around, I want to start pushing my skills to the limit.  Here's my resolution for the new year:
* Dramatically improve my digital painting skill.  No more cel-shaded coloring.
* Branch out and draw characters I've never done before.  Take risks!
* Draw more elaborate scenes, involving three or more characters.  
* Learn better techniques for drawing hair and shoes!
* Put more effort into each piece.  I'm thinking around two weeks per piece, to really polish it.
* Focus on producing art more regularly.  It's very easy to get sidetracked and lose motivation.  

What really motivates me, is community feedback!  I make art so people can enjoy it.  I love keeping track of how many favorites each piece gets.  I've learned that bondage art tends to get a bigger response.  I'm willing to alternate between bondage and sleepy art to appease both fan bases.

I'm always open to questions and feedback.  I visit this site regularly, more than Facebook or even!  I'll end this post by asking my readers: what are some things you would like to see me produce in 2014?

Hi sleepy fans!  Hopefully I've piqued your interest with my journal title.

About four years ago, I gave commissioning art a shot.  It was kind of fun for a while and I made a little money.  But I don't think I did a very good job and I left the business a little disappointed.  Fast forward to today: I've gained a lot of experience in digital art and I'm producing some freaking awesome stuff!   And I get a lot of people coming to me who want original content, especially since I'm one of the few people who does sleepy art.  Which is why I'm considering producing artwork in exchange for money; aka a commission!

The reason I'm doing this is because I suddenly have a lot of free time (i.e., I lost my full time programming job).  So while I'm out and about doing interviews, I'll need some extra cash to ya know, buy food.  I'm also interested in adding more art to my online portfolio!  I think there will be some amazing pieces that will come out of this.

So let's do this.

******* Sleepy commissions **********
Things I excel at: sleepy, chloroform and damsel in distress scenes.
Things I avoid: nudity of any kind, violence, blood. Nothing *too* kinky, but I'll see.
I want things to be damsel in distress oriented.  Pretend your scene was going to appear in a DC comic book.  If it won't be approved by DC comics, I likely won't draw it.

Types of characters: female heroines.  You've seen my art, it's mostly humans.  I suck at anything else.  I like comic book, manga and anime heroines mainly. Original characters are okay.  I tend to draw things in a cartoony/anime style now.  

Background art: very simple color gradient, or some rocks,trees,boxes, clouds, etc.  Maybe some shadows. Anything more complex is going to cost more.

Price:  For simple colored piece with one main character and one simple bad guy (like this, $20 USD.
More complex pieces (like this, we'll negotiate.  Something like that is $40+ easily due to the amount of work.

What you must provide:  description of what you want along with links to images of your damsel.  

What you get: very high resolution JPEG file of your commission.  Check out my gallery and download the full sized files.  They are HUGE. I'm very proud of how much the quality of my work has improved.  You will not be disappointed.

My e-mail is, and that's where you'll send your PayPal payment to.  We'll communicate ideas through e-mail.

Thanks in advance for your business and your support!

Commissions status:

1.  Commission completed -

2.  Commission completed -

3.  Commission completed -

4.  Commission completed.

5.  Commission completed -

6.  Commission completed -
Hey all!  Boy I'm on a roll with art lately, and I hope you are enjoying it all.  

I've noticed that there are lots of people doing chloroform art now.  It used to be really rare, but now when I search for 'chloroform' on DA, it always seems like there's a new piece.  Granted, a lot of the new stuff is 3D art or real life pictures, but the interest is growing.

So this post is really short; I only have a question for discussion:  do you guys agree that chloroform art is growing in popularity?  Do you think we can match the popularity of bondage?
Hope you guys like the new piece I posted, Neptune/Uranus Peril.  That one took a lot of work; around one week.

I recently got Netflix.  One thing I do now is, I'll put on a TV show and watch it while coloring a piece.  Time really flies and I can finish a whole series.  I finished 'House of Cards' and now I'm starting 'American Horror Story'.

Anyway, I want to talk about comments and faves.  I love them!  It's amazing when I get like 40 faves within an hour of posting.  It feels like I'm adding something to the creative pool of society.  I'm making a piece of art that will likely live on the Internet forever.  

I love comments too.  I learned a really cool feedback technique from CrtlPaint.  When giving feedback, start with one positive comment. Next, tell the artist something that can be improved. Finally, end with another positive critique.  That way, you can be constructive without making the artist feel like shit.

Also, try to appreciate art longer.  I find that I am spending more time looking at other artists work, analyzing the details.  How did they do the line work? What is their coloring method?  You guys should do the same! Don't just look at a piece for one second and then move on.  There are real gems out there!
My old art sucks. I can't stand looking at it.  I physically cringe when I look at it.  If I wasn't so sentimental about it, I'd be deleting that stuff 1000 times over.

Can't believe I've been making art for almost five years now.  With each new piece, I learn something new about art.  Sometimes, I get better at drawing skirts, and other times, I get better at drawing hair.

Recently what's helped, is my increased confidence in my hand drawing ability.  I used to rely solely on the Pen Tool for all my line work.  Now, I am free styling a lot of the line work.  I think it makes things look more natural.

Watching some videos on CtrlPaint has also helped my digital coloring.  

Getting better at art actually makes me want to produce more art.  You get this satisfaction from completing a piece, and your brain releases endorphins making you feel good.  And then you want to do it again!

Also, I really like reading feedback on my work.  I check DA almost everyday, and that includes my inbox.  I don't respond to every comment, but you can bet that I've read it.  

Another thing, I wish people would download the full sized version of my images more often.  They are very high resolution and you can get a sense of the scale that I work in.  You'll also appreciate the clean sharp line work better.

More art should be coming.
While I've sort of slowed down updating my site, I haven't stopped creating art.  It's still so satisfying to post a new piece of art after a week's worth of work.  These last few pieces, with the Sailor senshi getting chloroformed, were so fun to make.  

I also like how I've improved my coloring skills.  A few months back, I was watching digital painting tutorials on "CTRL Paint", and the videos really helped.  I learned a simple concept, the Layer Mask in photoshop, and it's helped make my coloring so much more detailed.

Forcing myself to make one art piece a week has also helped me improve.  

Things I still want to work on: more dynamic poses, better facial expressions, and how to draw hair better.

Merry Christmas everybody, and have a happy new year.  I will be away for a week or so, so there won't be a new drawing for a while.
...but it's gonna cost ya!  I am going to try something different, and I am really curious to see if this works.  All my future damsel in distress works will be for sale on my website, at  The store was launched about a week ago.

It's part of my effort to make your one stop shop for sleepy fetish content.  You will still get all the mainstream comic/manga scenes for free. My drawings will come at a premium, but it's pretty cheap.  99 cents per image.

Right now I have two great drawings for sale.  Check them out, at

  I'm doing this to raise money for

So how does paying for art benefit us?  For one, it allows you to show tangible support for the artist.  When artists make money, they want to make more quality works!

And it's true! Since launching the store, I have focused more on creating higher quality works, because I want people to buy it.

For now, it is an experiment.  So check it out! If you have ideas or feedback, let me know!

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Interesting fact about me that I've never revealed: I'm color blind! Not the debilitating kind though; it's a form of 'Red-green' color blindness, very common among males.  I can still see colors, but certain colors in the red green yellow range are supposedly harder to discern.

According to Wikipedia, my type of color blindness is 'Deuteranomaly'.  

I didn't find out I was color blind until I randomly took one of those color blind tests online.  You know, those tests with a number hidden among some colored dots. I tried a test...and I COULDN'T SEE THE NUMBER!  I tried test after test, and none of them I could see the numbers! It was shocking to find out at age 23 that you are color blind.

I think this explains why I like blue things. Why am I drawn so much to Sailor Mercury? She's blue! Look at my art and you'll notice lots of 'blue things'.  Supposedly this is also why Facebook is so blue (Mark Zuckerberg has the same condition).

Blue things stand out more to me. Even in real life, I seem to have a tendency to buy things that are blue.

So next time you see me drawing so many blue things...this is why!
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Hey everybody.  Hope you like my latest artwork!  It's inspired me to really take the dive and start doing damsel in distress pieces again.  I've sort of slacked off in that arena, mainly because it was so time consuming.  Yes, life has taken over, but my love of drawing is still there.  

It's weird, one month I'll be really into creating art, and then next month I'm not interested anymore.  It comes in waves.

I'm always amazed how I can still produce art after months of not practicing...I even get a little better!
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Hello all.  I'm back for my yearly update. Seems like that's all I have time for these days.

So more than three years ago, I decided to launch my art career.  For someone who's been doing art for three years...I've drawn surprisingly little.  I only have about 100 or so drawings.  The truth is, things came up.  I started working full-time and had no time to work on my website or art.

I've definitely improved, but I am starting to see limits in what I am capable of.  It doesn't seem like I can really get any better than I am now, unless I start taking formal art training.  I've thought about branching into the character concept art scene.  That's somewhere I could potentially see some growth in.

I remember, just two years ago, I was actually fulfilling commissions.  I got...crazy requests!  I look back on some of them and wonder what I was thinking.  I admit, I think I bit off more than I could chew.  

I'm VERY interested in returning to the art commission scene and getting work done for people.  I'm not going to be as liberal as I was back then though.  I'm gonna be more picky about what I accept, if only for the sake of time.  For now, only simple single character requests.  I need to get into the mood before doing more complex work.

And my rate?  I think $20 for a piece is an astonishingly good deal.  Let me know what you guys think!
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Hello All!  It's me, sleepycomics.  I just realized that I haven't updated my journal in over 8 months (despite the fact that I still uploaded pics).  

Things are still going great right now in my life.  Moved into a new apartment in NYC.  I turned my living room into sort of a personal gallery of my crappy art (stop by and check it out if you wish!).  

It's been more than two years since I began posting my stuff to deviantArt.  I love looking back at my old pieces and laughing at how bad they are. It''s shocking how bad they are, and yet they get so many faves!  
Slowly, I am making improvements in my style.  I am starting to understand that small details, like line width, shading and color choices can really make a difference.  One area that I always feel I could improve in, is facial expressions.  I hate how every single female face I draw looks like the girl is staring off into space aimlessly.  I also want to get better at action poses.  A lot of my pieces just have girls standing there looking pretty.  I want scenes of girls jumping, struggling, fighting, unconscious, etc.  Those kind of scenes are surprisingly difficult to make well.

I also noticed that I have something like 112,000 page views, which is kind of amazing for a mediocre artist like me (and this is only in two years).  I'm truly honored.  I see a lot of artists who've been on DA for longer, yet struggle to get that many views.  I probably market myself well.

Overall, I'm proud of the progress I am making.  I have a renewed spirit to create more works.  

Thanks for your support!

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So I tried to purchase my own artwork as a print, figured I'd like a hard copy of it for my own collection.  Every time I try to purchase my print, they reject it on the grounds that it is "fan art".  First of all, who does deviantArt suddenly think they are?  The copyright police?  How the heck do they know if something is a copyrighted character or not?  Did the owner file a claim?  It's a stupid rule, but whatever, I'll just have CVS print the pics for me.  It's cheaper there anyway.

I tried to give DA my money, but they just don't seem to want it.  Their loss.
If you're interested in discussing sleepy/bondage topics, as well as posting requests, you can visit the forum at
I recently changed the layout of  Check it out and let me know what you think! It should be a lot easier to use.
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I created a twitter account at:

If enough people follow me, I'll continue to post updates on various things. I'll twitter to post what I'm working on, sleepycomics updates, anything related to bondage, whatever.
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So I finally moved into my apartment in Manhattan.  I managed to find an apartment (through a broker) and move in all within a week.

I also started my new software development job. I mainly work with C++. I'm currently in a 9 week training class!!

Work takes up like 90% of my time. I will try to update and get some art in when I have time.

I added a new piece of art. also has a big update.  I'm also working on Express, which you can see at

That's it for now.
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Ok here is my situation right now. I need an apartment in New York City, Manhattan. I need to be moved in by July 11th, about 3 weeks from now. I currently live in Ohio, so making trips to NYC is really hard (expensive flight, long drive).

My current plan is to make a one way trip. Haul all my stuff to NYC, find an apartment, sign the lease and move in all in one weekend. Do you people think that is a feasible plan?

Is there anyone here with some apartment finding experience that can offer some advice on what I should do? Maybe someone actually lives in NYC?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.
I was tagged, so here are 8 random facts about me:

1. I am a juggler and have performed many times on stage.
2. I love drinking Coca-Cola and Sprite.  I have even visited a real Coke factory!
3. Despite running a website about comics, I don't own any comics and don't read comics.
4. I think Watchmen is one of the greatest pieces of literature ever, but the movie was ok.
5. I once had pet raccoons.
6. I have never taken an art class higher than elementary school art. Before May 2008 I didn't even think I could produce reasonably good looking art.
7. is the most successful website I ever created. It gets around 500 unique visitors a day.
8. I enjoy drawing anime style characters because they are cute, but I can't stand watching anime shows.

And those are just a few facts about me.

In other news, I am in Shanghai right now. Basically I am running around doing a lot of sight seeing, so I have no time for art. Shanghai is a pretty amazing city. The amount of prosperity and development going on here impresses me to the point where I think China will soon surpass America. But that's another story.

I hope you guys like the new style I'm experimenting with. I seem to be changing styles every week.
Ok, so the reason I have not been drawing lately is because I have been busy with so many other things. First, I was sick for a week so I was in bed the whole time. Then I had graduation. Just two days later I was on a 13 hour flight to Beijing. I have been busy visiting the sights in Beijing, so I am really exhausted. Not enough time to draw, but I have some ideas. That's it for now.